Sports Card Album Comes To The Android Platform

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Sergio and his team over at Sports Card Album have been hard at work for the last few months developing their Android App.  Well its here!!!

Here is the official press release from Sports Card Album:

What’s up, Friends?!?

You’ve asked for it, then pleaded for it, then begged on your hands and knees.  Today we are ecstatic to announce the official release of the Android App for Sports Card Album.

We’ve flipped what we knew of the iOS app upside-down and developed this baby from the ground up!  The focus of this app, besides uploading and organizing your sports card photos, is on the actual cards themselves.  With a larger viewing area for the cards and smaller, “flat” icons for favoriting, commenting and sharing, this app has turned out more beautiful than we ever imagined.  Functionally this app operates similarly to the iPhone app, but the look & feel of the app are totally unique, which should please the Android-obsessed users in our community.

You’ll also notice that the profiles for all users have been completely revamped.  With a more streamlined approach to displaying user stats all of the information is easily viewed without distracting from your collection.  Oh, and the albums.  The albums are gorgeously displayed in a thumbnail view with the first card from each album showing proudly as an album cover.  Simply click on that icon to view the full album list.

We are updating this app all the time so be on the lookout for new features every month!

I’ve been a huge supporter of Sports Card Album ever since the site first launched in July 2013.  Collectors needed a platform like this not only to help organize their cards, but to easily view other collections too.  Linking to Photobucket accounts was just too primitive.

Sports Card Album Launches App For iOS 7.0

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Many collectors have wondered what the future holds for this fine hobby of ours.  Everyone wants to know what the next “big thing” will be.  I personally don’t think it will be one giant event.  Instead it will be a bunch of stuff that comes together.

One of the greatest innovations collectors have seen recently is the launch of Sports Card Album last summer by it’s creator Sergio Dubois.  In less than a year it has acquired over 2,500 registered users and over 130,000 cards.  More are being added every day.  Sports Card Album easily allows you to show off your collection and track what your friends are adding to theirs.  Gone are the days of linking your Photobucket account to the signature line of your favorite forum.  Sports Card Album is here to revolutionize the way you share your collection!!!

In addition to the website, which is free to use, there is now an official Sports Card Album app for the iOS 7.0 platform.  It only costs $3.99, around the same price of a pack of cards.  According to Mr. Dubois,  “This app allows users to register, add cards to their album by snapping pics on their iPhone, crop their photos, follow friends, message friends, like cards, share cards via Twitter or Facebook, filter the live “feed” by sport, and search the entire database for specific cards or users.  Future updates are already underway and will include the ability to create albums via the app, change profile pictures, rotate images, receive notifications for messages, comments, and likes, and a whole lot more.  Proceeds from the sale of this app will go directly to the development of the Android app, the iPad Optimized app, and additional app features.”

I’m a huge fan of Sports Card Album.  This is one thing the hobby needed.  Be sure to check out Sports Card Info’s profile.  I’m hoping to add more to it soon.

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Card Trimming Mobile App For Collectors

I’m not sure why I’ve had so many mobile app ideas for collectors this week.  Perhaps I should be working for Apple 🙂  This time my idea deals with card trimming.  This is the practice where scammers will slightly trim the edges of a vintage card, removing all of the wear that has taken its toll on the card over time.  After the trim, the card looks brand new and they will try to pass it off as if it was in excellent condition.  One way collectors can avoid purchasing a trimmed card is to take the card you suspect might be trimmed, and lay it on top of another common card from that set.  Manufacturers didn’t treat cards of star players any different from no-name rookies when they cut apart the sheets.  Scammers will usually trim cards that are extremely popular and valuable, thats why its important to match it up with a common from the same set.

A lot of collectors will tell you they carry commons with them when they attend shows.  Its a great idea if you plan on purchasing a raw version of a highly desirable vintage card.  But having to carry around a lot of commons can be a pain and you don’t won’t to damage them anymore than they already are.  Here is where my mobile app idea plays into the picture.  Lets say your using the new Apple iPad.  My app would allow the user to select a set, and then it would display a square on the screen which would measure to the exact size the cards from that set should be.  Collectors could then lay the card on top of the square to see if it measures to the right size.  If it doesn’t, then the collector could suspect the card they are looking at might be trimmed.  Combine this with an app that allows collectors to verify graded cards, obtain hobby news, and check card prices, your ready to tackle any scammer that stands in your way.


This card has been trimmed.

Mobile App Idea For Graded Card Collectors

Love it or hate it, grading is part of The Hobby.  I for one am a collector that is torn down the middle about the whole thing.  I can see some good for having it, but then reading a book such as The Card shows you how corrupt and stupid it can be.  No grading company is perfect and its very possible for a fake card to make it into one of their sealed holders.  I do think they can help weed out counterfeit vintage cards.

Among all the graders, PSA, BGS, and SGC remain some of the most popular within the industry.  One thing I would do before purchasing a graded card is verify the card’s serial number.  If you can’t see the card’s serial number it was given by the grader, that may be a sign you don’t want to purchase the card.  By checking the serial number you can see if the card your looking at was actually graded by that company.  There are a ton of “look-a-like” holders out on the market that closely resemble some of the more popular graders.  Thats why its important to run the serial number.

I know I’ve stated this information before, but I think it bears repeating.  I once caught a scammer trying to pass off a Yogi Berra 1952 Bowman card graded by PSA a Mint 9.  He didn’t display the serial number in the photo and when I asked for it, none of the numbers he gave me came close to being that Berra.  He was also asking $10k for the card.

With the release of the Apple iPad, I had an idea for a mobile app that I would love to see put into production.  I’d like to see an app that allows collectors to verify graded card serial numbers straight from their mobile device.  I’m far from a computer programmer, but I think its one mobile app that could serve useful to The Hobby.  If there are any mobile app programmers reading, please contact me about creating the Sports Card Info Graded Card app!!  This app has to be more useful than that card flipping game made by Topps.