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Art For Yinz Mailday!

 photo bbfront1_zps22598246.jpg

On Christmas Eve I received a package in the mail from artist Tempy Moore of Art For Yinz.  Inside was this Barry Bonds 1/1 sketch card.  I would personally like to thank her for sending this over.  It is going to remain in my personal collection forever.

Tempy Moore is one of the best modern day artists known for her extremely realistic self portraits.  She has been taking on personal commissions from athletes since 2008, and has even painted at a black-tie reception for business and political leaders at the Empire State Building in New York City.  You’ve probably seen her work included in 2012 Leaf Best Of Baseball and TCSP products.

If you would like to contact Tempy Moore about a project be sure to e-mail her at: tempy@artforyinz.com  Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t forget to visit her store too.

Here are just some of her other pieces she has worked on:

 photo 10881733_10152562206729607_8656875281888878817_n_zps6009a857.jpg

 photo 10712703_10152442983644607_2662080922522378206_n_zpsd865bbaa.jpg

 photo 1901538_10152511097924607_8332489056741730425_n_zps8a309bc2.jpg

 photo 10731102_10152500147029607_5594016977838509551_n_zps869651c9.jpg

 photo 10868203_10152543023174607_3543857706413844912_n_zpsa309acde.jpg


Preview: Museum Collection’s Canvas Collection Artist Originals Autographs

Its very difficult to impress collectors today.  Things are almost as if they’re at a standstill when it comes to innovation within the hobby.  We just see so much of the same stuff over and over again.  Every now and then we see little glimpses of something really worth talking about.

Museum Collection has been a big hit with collectors.  2014 Topps Museum Collection Football is scheduled to be released in February.  Topps plans to bring back a lot of the stuff that collectors enjoyed last year, plus they’ll be throwing in some new items.  One of those new items are the Canvas Collection Artist Originals Autographs.  James Henry Smith is the artist who made these little beauties.  There are ten cards in this set, each numbered 1/1, and will be signed by the athlete.  Leaf has made some athlete signed sketch cards in the past, but nothing quite as good looking as these.  This is our first look at them, and as you can tell they haven’t been signed yet.  If you’re not lucky in pulling one of the cards pictured below, Museum Collection does have it’s share of other original art pieces.

The autograph area seems a bit boxy, but I can only think it was made like that so the artist knew where to stop.

 photo 1006093_858105314213190_1091211409875180953_n_zps556510d4.jpg

 photo 1380367_858105297546525_6618840379738518958_n_zps3b952d81.jpg

 photo 10712738_855410287816026_7414119980857715154_n_zps3dd7cb37.jpg

 photo 10701961_856146787742376_1169306866132872481_n_zps0ff22438.jpg

 photo 10672311_852225231467865_6272686396780409629_n_zps89a81431.jpg

 photo 10624918_851835244840197_6285953895946963626_n_zps99394ccb.jpg

 photo 10415709_855697881120600_803897640856325797_n_zpsc543a9a5.jpg

 photo 10609473_853324474691274_1123532147947032008_n_zps087c26e4.jpg

 photo 10622922_854657597891295_6660086391834539613_n_zps72624331.jpg

 photo 1455892_854139974609724_6159762152001023863_n_zps815e15ba.jpg

Card of the Day: Curtis Granderson 2010 Topps National Chicle – Monty Sheldon Artist Auto

 photo cgmsauto_zps96e77f48.jpeg

Harper & Darvish Promos Available At Brian Kong’s Booth During The ’12 NSCC

The National Sports Collectors Convention offers up a wide variety of artwork for you to browse through.  Artists such as Brian Kong are usually setup.  Its always a good idea to stop by their booths, not only to check out their work, but many times they have some promo cards to giveaway while supplies last.

Brian Kong will have Bryce Harper and Yu Darvish specially made cards available at his booth.  They are each limited to 250 copies each.


Monty Sheldon’s 2011 Mini Sketch Card Series



Sports artist Monty Sheldon released a few images of his 2011 mini sketch card series.  Each framed mini sketch is serial numbered 1/1 and measures 1 1/2″ x 2 7/16″.  Each time Sheldon reaches a “like” milestone on his Facebook Fan Page (#100, 200, 300, etc) he will have a giveaway where you can win some of his work from this series.

Monty Sheldon was one of the earliest employees at Dark Horse comics before leaving to start working on his popular Artballs.  Since then he has expanded into cigar boxes, hockey pucks, and his own sketch card series.  You can also see a lot of his work in various Topps products such as Allen & Ginter, Chicle, and Gypsy Queen.  Sheldon did an interview with Sports Card Info two years ago, and I have been following his work ever since.

Trade With A Chicle Artist

I was lucky enough to actually do a trade with Monty Sheldon, who is one of the artists that worked on both Chicle Football and Baseball.  I sent him some of the cards he designed and in return I got some Phillies Chicle cards I needed.  Check it out!  Thanks again Monty!!!

Card of the Day: Peyton Manning 1998 Score Artist Proof