Brian Kong Is Bringing Some Promos To The 2013 National

Brian Kong will be setup at booth #787 for the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention that begins this Wednesday evening.  Kong is a highly talented artist that has worked on many projects for Topps, Upper Deck, Leaf, and ITG.  Please stop by his booth as he will be displaying original artwork and working on sketch cards made just for the 2013 NSCC.  While you’re there, check out how you can obtain some free Matt Harvey and Yasiel Puig cards featuring his artwork.  Also check out how you can get your hands on a limited edition mini card set featuring Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, Yasiel Puig, and Mike Trout.  He’ll even be signing free autographs (10 autos per day).

 photo 1071499_10151598288239608_1161540998_o1_zpscafa9b3b.jpg

National Chicle Original Paintings

For those collectors who enjoy Topps National Chicle Football, you may have noticed that The Topps Vault started to sell the original paintings provided to them by the artists for the cards.  Donruss/Playoff use to do the same thing with their Gridiron Kings product awhile back.  Topps paid a flat fee for all the original artwork used for the National Chicle Football set.  Therefore the only people that should be selling this artwork right now would have to be Topps.  With the National Chicle Baseball set, the artists were given a choice where they could receive a flat fee for their paintings or they could keep their work in lieu of payment.  Some of the artists that worked on the baseball set sold them to Topps and others decided to keep them because perhaps they think they can make more selling them on their own.  Please keep this information in mind if you plan on purchasing any of the original artwork.  All National Chicle Football paintings should have been sold originally from Topps, but with the baseball set the paintings could be coming from Topps or the actual artist.

If that Babe Ruth in an Atlanta Braves uniform painting ever hits the market, I wonder what that would sell for?