Card of the Day: Richie Ashburn 1958 Topps #230

Card of the Day: Richie Ashburn 1952 Topps #216

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Ashburn Mail

This is one of my favorite cards to come out of ’10 Panini Century Collection.  Most Ashburn cards feature him as a player, but this one pictures him as a broadcaster with Veteran’s Stadium in the background.  Its a great example of Panini using unique photos to make their cards more interesting.  This card just arrived in the mail, and I have it sitting on my shelf next to other Phillies stuff.

Now, if I can just get someone to make a Harry Kalas relic.


Thats What I Call A Phillies Mailday

Last Sunday morning I made a huge addition to my Phillies collection, and I’m happy to say it arrived today.  Thats right.  I purchased a card Sunday morning and it arrived today.  Talk about fast shipping!

If you’ve been reading Sports Card Info for awhile, you should know how much of a Phillies fan I am.  Thats why I battled for this 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Harry Kalas Blue Ink / Red Stitch autograph serial numbered 1/50.  You rarely see his certified autographs pop-up for sale, and when they do the auctions can go crazy.  This auction had 20 bids and a few other collectors took it right up to my maximum bid, but I won.  The seller contacted me last night to let me know my card was on the way and he said he included another card with it to keep Harry company.  Inside the bubble mailer today along with the Kalas autograph was a Richie Ashburn 2005 Donruss Greats Dual bat/jersey.  What a great seller!!!

This is my third Harry Kalas signature I have in my collection.  I also own an ’05 UD Sweet Spot autograph and I have his signature on one of my bats.  Upper Deck did a great job with his Sweet Spot signatures.



eBay Mailday!

Today in the mail I received my Richie Ashburn 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts jersey #’ed/25.  I have been wanting an Ashburn relic for awhile, but they don’t always show up for sale.  This one only cost $14.00 and came with FREE shipping.  Thats not too bad considering a box of Prime Cuts sells for over $200.00.  I wonder what else this person got from their box in addition to my Ashburn?  Lets hope they pulled some other stuff worth more than $14.00 🙂  This is one of the best things about Prime Cuts.  A lot of the low numbered relics aren’t worth a whole lot and can easily be picked up.  Some other Phillies I would like to see relics of include John Vukovich and Harry Kalas.  I could see Topps including an “authentic worn tie” card of HK in Allen & Ginter.  I’m not a big fan of manufactured patches, but I think it would be cool to see a Harry Kalas commemorative card containg a black patch like the Phillies are wearing this season. 


P.S. – I like how Donruss tried to block out the Phillies logo on Ashburn’s hat.

Card of the Day: Richie Ashburn 1952 Bowman #53


Card of the Day #45

Richie Ashburn 2004 UD SP Legendary Cuts Autograph