Looking Back On The 2016 National – Atlantic City, NJ

Today is July 29, 2020.  This was suppose to be the first day of the 41st National Sports Collectors Convention making it’s return to Atlantic City, NJ.  Thanks to COVID-19 this won’t be happening right now.  Currently it has been postponed until December 12-16, 2020.  Honestly, I don’t see that date sticking either.  Between COVID-19, weather, and the holiday season you’re just asking for trouble.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the National eventually gets cancelled altogether for 2020.

The last time the National was held in Atlantic City, NJ was back in 2016.  I attended this one.  Meeting people in-person who you only talk to online, sharing photos of high-end artifacts that only Mike Trout could afford, and participating in wrapper redemption programs were all major highlights.  If I remember correctly, 2016 Topps Chrome Baseball was released around this time and it was on fire.  Everyone was looking for rookies of Corey Seager, Trevor Story, Kenta Maeda, and Luis Severino to name a few.

Collectors should be picking-up their VIP packages, and running to the Topps booth to sign-up for their Q&A session.  But not today.  Hopefully one day we can return to normal.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos I got when I was there in 2016.

Getting my own baseball card made at the Topps booth.

Babe Ruth baseball bat from the 1930s.


You never know what you’re going to find.

Pulled this Kevin Smith autograph #’ed/25 from an Upper Deck wrapper redemption pack.

Pulled this Julio Urias autograph #’ed/30 from a Topps wrapper redemption pack.

Great prices on boxes.

Wade Boggs not looking too happy.  Get him some chicken!

Fidel Castro Vintage Single-Signed Cuban Baseball.

Merry Christmas!  Shitter was full!

2008 Lancaster Barnstormers & 2007 Atlantic League All-Star Set Breaks

2008 Lancaster Barnstormers Team Set:

  1. Eric Ackerman
  2. Jarred Ball
  3. Ian Bladergroen
  4. Lance Burkhart
  5. Jeff Muessig
  6. Patrick Cassa
  7. Ryan Cullen
  8. Juan Francia
  9. Ricardo Gomez
  10. Danny Gonzalez
  11. Yamel Guevara
  12. Josh Hall
  13. Jutt Hileman
  14. Matt LeCroy
  15. Tim McClaskey
  16. Manny Mejia
  17. Zack Parker
  18. Ross Peeples
  19. Nick Renault
  20. Sendy Rleal
  21. Judd Songster
  22. Vasili Spanos
  23. Brian Stavisky
  24. Lloyd Turner
  25. Michael Woods
  26. Cyloicious L. Barnstormer
  27. Boots Day
  28. Von Hayes
  29. Rick Wise

2007 Atlantic League All-Star Team Set:

  1. Denny Abreu
  2. Brian Adama
  3. Sandy Aracena
  4. Elliot Ayala
  5. L.J. Biernbaum
  6. Bobby Brownlie
  7. Lance Burkhart
  8. Jay Caligiuri
  9. Vito Chiaravalloti
  10. Derrick DePriest
  11. Matt Dryer
  12. Nate Espy
  13. Danny Garcia
  14. Danny Gonzalez
  15. John Halama
  16. Jutt Hileman
  17. Bobby Malek
  18. Dwight Maness
  19. Quinton McCracken
  20. Ray Navarette
  21. Jeff Nettles
  22. Keith Reed
  23. Victor Rodriguez
  24. Junior Spivey
  25. Josh Stevens
  26. Gabe Suarez
  27. Jeremy Todd
  28. Tommy John
  29. Frank Klebe

2007 Inaugural Season York Revolution Team Set Break

For the longest time I usually never broke open team sets from minor league teams.  This is because I usually knew what was inside and didn’t really expect to find anything else except what was on the checklist.  That was until I opened a team set from the Williamsport Crosscutters, (single A of the Phillies), and pulled out a randomly inserted autograph of Brad Eldred #’ed/23.  So, from that day forward I decided to open every minor league team set I buy.  Here are the results from the 2007 York Revolution Inaugural Season Team Set.


  1. Ryan Baerlocher
  2. Byron Batson
  3. Rayner Bautista
  4. Peter Bergeron
  5. Greg Brown
  6. Frank Castillo
  7. Chris Cooper
  8. Luis Cotto
  9. Matt Dryer
  10. Nate Espy
  11. Jeff Farnsworth
  12. Matt Ford
  13. Wayne Franklin
  14. Dave Gil
  15. Travis Hake
  16. Willie Matos
  17. David Maust
  18. Ramon Nivar
  19. Franklin Nunez
  20. Jason Olson
  21. Steve Smyth
  22. Chris Steinborn
  23. Kazunori Tanaka
  24. Luis Taveras
  25. Al Bumbry
  26. Down Town
  27. Chris Hoiles
  28. Tippy Martinez
  29. Ryan Minor 

Pin of the Day #15

2007 Atlantic League All-Star Game at Clipper Magazine Stadium

Pin of the Day #14

Atlantic League Lancaster Barnstormers Champions 2006