Historic Autographs Details Promo Plans For The National

Historic Autographs has detailed their plans for the 2014 National.  Check out everything they have going on!!!

Every person that opens a box of ANY Historic Autographs product (PURCHASED AT THE NATIONAL & OPENED AT THE HA BOOTH ONLY) will be given a BECKETT COVERS card that features Mickey Mantle from the 1986 Beckett cover as well as a complete 22-card HA Originals, 1909-12 art card set & a 42-card HA Originals, 1933 art card set.  So every Historic Autographs box bought at the National gets (3) free items.

For every box of the 2014 Historic Autographs Originals, 1941 or the 2014 Historic Autographs Originals, 1934-36 (released at the National) and opened at the HA Booth – the customer will get (1) of the National promotion PSA-slabbed Bob Feller cards (while supplies last) – plus the Beckett Covers card and (2) HA Originals art card sets listed above.

Buy (2) boxes of the 2014 Historic Autographs Originals, 1941 or the 2014 Historic Autographs Originals, 1934-36 and opened at the HA Booth – the customer will get your choice of (1) of the other FOUR promotional PSA-slabbed cards including (2) different Babe Ruth cards, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio – plus the Beckett Covers card and (2) HA Originals art card sets listed above (or their choice of a FREE HA Originals, MINI box or a Five Boroughs box).

For those who buy (3) or more boxes of Peerless, 2014 (at the National and opened at the HA booth), the customer will get (1) of the National promotion PSA-slabbed Bob Feller cards (while supplies last) – plus the (3) each of the Beckett Covers card and HA Originals art card sets listed above.

For those who buy (6) or more boxes of Peerless, 2014 (at the National and opened at the HA booth), the customer will get a choice of (1) of the other FOUR promotional PSA-slabbed cards including (2) different Babe Ruth cards, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio (while supplies last) – plus the (6) each of the Beckett Covers card and HA Originals art card sets listed above.

National ONLY Memorabilia Edition

This product is quite simple, each tin will have (1) redemption card that MUST be redeemed at the HA booth at the National – no exceptions – but the beauty of the product is that the customer will get a fantastic piece of SIGNED memorabilia for the lowest price possible.  The product will include mostly autographed jerseys along with some very nice HOF signed baseball bats, a few full-sized helmets and a handful of Stan Musial signed baseballs.  Highlighted by a wonderful LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers UDA-Authenticated jersey with ALL the other items being PSA/DNA authenticated.  The selection of jerseys is better than their very popular Jersey Edition from earlier this year – so this product is a great value price to those who like memorabilia.  All items can be seen at Booth #349.

 photo 14hanscc1_zps88280009.jpg

Historic Autographs will pay a $2500.00 cash reward to any collector that completes a 2014 HA Originals, 1941 72-card set and places it on the PSA/DNA Set Registry by noon Sunday August 3, 2014.  There are (7) possible sets so there could be multiple winners.  The collector gets to keep his set and the cash.  For those who put together the 2014 HA Originals, 1941 MINI 24-card set (and places it on the PSA/DNA Registry by noon Sunday August 3, 2014), Historic Autographs will give each of those winners a free PSA-Authenticated signed baseball (HOFs only).

Amazon.com & Upper Deck Bring Special Autographs To The National

Collectors ripping through their Upper Deck wrapper redemption packs this year during the National can look for these Amazon.com exclusive autographs.  Amazon.com has teamed-up with Upper Deck to help celebrate Upper Deck’s 25th anniversary and promote their own sports memorabilia store.  The autographs, limited to 25 copies each, are of Reggie Jackson, Peyton Manning, Bobby Orr, and Magic Johnson.

These cards don’t differ that much in design when compared to the other autographs you can pull from the redemption packs.  They do have that Amazon.com orange tint to them.  I’m waiting for the day when those Amazon.com drones deliver boxes to my front door.  Even better, maybe they’ll throw in some bonus autographs of Jeff Bezos in this set.

 photo Amazon-Exclusive-2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Reggie-Jackson_zps457283f9.jpg

 photo Amazon-Exclusive-2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Peyton-Manning_zps997cef03.jpg

 photo Amazon-Exclusive-2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Bobby-Orr_zpse17070e3.jpg

 photo Amazon-Exclusive-2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Magic-Johnson_zps66479d44.jpg

Card of the Day: Lou Marson 2009 Upper Deck A Piece Of History Rookie Autographs Green

 photo loumarsongreen_zpsa44117f2.jpg

Brad Lidge Set To Sign Autographs For The 2014 Ephrata Rec Center Show


Brad Lidge will not be signing.  Hall of Fame pitcher Rollie Fingers will be attending instead.  All other details remain the same. 

For me, there are only two card shows worth going to each year.  One of them would be the National Sports Collectors Convention, and the other is the annual Ephrata Lions Club Sports Card Show.  The Ephrata Lions Club has been holding this show for the last 35 years.  Its been held at the Ephrata Rec Center for as long as I can remember, and they always have an autograph signer scheduled to appear.

Former Phillies closer Brad Lidge will be signing autographs during next year’s show which takes place on Saturday, March 29, 2014.  Lidge threw the last pitch to win the 2008 World Series for the Phillies.  Below are the details on the autograph signing:

  • Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brad Lidge will sign autographs between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
  • Autograph policies: $20.00 each for one autograph on a “flat” (e.g., a card, photo, or yearbook) or a baseball, or $25.00 each for all other items (e.g., equipment or apparel).
  • Only four hundred (400) autographs will be sold, and are only available on the day of the show.  Additional autographs beyond the initial 400 will be sold if time permits.
  • Autograph sales stop at 12:30 p.m., and you must be in the autograph line by 12:45.
  • No mail orders accepted.  No advanced sales.  No exceptions (so please don’t ask).
  • Brad Lidge appears courtesy of the Ephrata National Bank, B2B Baseball & Softball Academy, and the Ephrata Lions Club.

 photo lidgeginter_zps2376c855.jpg

When I began collecting, I use to think this was the biggest show in the world.  It usually has about 40 tables packed with Phillies stuff.  That’s why I enjoy it so much.  Maybe I’ll find some Harry Kalas stuff or bobbleheads I need.

Here are some of the past shows I’ve attended:

Card of the Day: Ken Griffey Jr 2013 Pinnacle Autographs

 photo grifpin13_zps64604a3c.jpg

Historic Autographs 2013 National Promotions

Throughout the National, certain booths will have a limited supply of Beckett Cover Cards.  Anyone who brings the Frank Thomas Beckett Cover Card featuring the Historic Autographs name on the back to the Historic Autographs booth will receive a 21-card set of 2013 Historic Autographs Originals, 1909-1912 with players such as Harry Hooper, Ray Schalk and Max Carey.

 photo hanscc_zps0b30bd59.jpg

 photo hanscc1_zpsa4fcabd4.jpg

Any box of HA product purchased at the National and brought to the Historic Autographs Corporate Booth (#664) and opened there will receive a compete 21-card 2013 HA Originals set.

Any of the “National Promotion” boxes of Ball of Fame II or Five Boroughs purchased at the National, [and has a “National Promotion” sticker], and opened at the booth, will get an autographed item from a Hall of Famer (keys to include Ted Williams, Nellie Fox, Clark Griffith) plus a complete 21-card 2013 HA Originals set.

  • These Ball Of Fame II and Five Boroughs boxes need to be new purchases, not from your existing inventory, prior to the National, and will come with our “National Promotion” sticker affixed to the box to distinguish these boxes from the regular boxes.
Any person buying 8 or more boxes of the same product will receive a FREE BOX of the same product or EQUAL (to be mailed to the purchaser). {excludes the Originals, 1909-1912 that will release on Friday at the National}  A receipt from the National show dealer MUST accompany these boxes.  Any person buying a sealed 12-box case of Historic Autographs National Promotion boxes (Ball of Fame II or Five Boroughs) will receive ONE FREE BOX of the same product (to be mailed to the purchaser) {excludes the Originals, 1909-1912 that will release on Friday at the National}

Historic Autographs ’12 NSCC Redemption Program

Historic Autograph’s “Legends of the Hall” promotion for the collectors is quite simple – any collector that purchases a box of 2012 Historic Autographs Legends of the Hall product at the National will receive a redemption card with the box (at the time of purchase from the show dealer).  The collector will be instructed to bring the unopened box and the redemption card to the Historic Autograph booth, where they will be required to open the box and turn in the redemption card for a second PSA/DNA encapsulated Hall of Fame autograph. This will give those who participate in the program two HOF autographs for the price of one box.  The promotion is limited to the first (250) boxes sold – and all boxes must be opened at the Historic Autograph booth and submit the redemption card received from the show dealer to a Historic Autographs representative.  Limit 3 per person, per day.  The redemption autographs will include some big names such as Tris Speaker, Ted Williams, Fred Clarke, Reggie Jackson and Whitey Ford.  Giveaway autographs will include some of our Ball of Fame baseballs, 2012 Legends of the Hall cards as well as PSA Certified signed items.  For those looking to stop by our booth, it will be located in the Corporate Area next to PSA Pavilion.

The store owners will be offered the chance to win one of Historic Autographs’s fifty custom 6’ tall, free-standing store displays, complete with shelves to display the Historic Autograph’s product line.  Each display will feature a 5’ image of the Big Train Walter Johnson.  For those store owners that are interested in getting a free Historic Autographs Walter Johnson stand-up display, please stop by the Historic Autograph booth and fill out an information card for the daily drawing as Historic Autographs will be giving away displays every day.


Panini Father’s Day Promotion Is Heating Up – New Auto & Relic Preview

Panini got a little Twitter happy this afternoon and sent out a few new images of the relics and autographs you’ll be able to find in their 2012 Father’s Day promotion this year.  This promotion will work just like their Black Friday promotion they did last year.  If you don’t have a local shop, Panini has said there will be an online component.  A list of participating dealers will be announced on Monday.

Panini does promos very well.



















WARNING: Keselowski ’12 Ignite Autos


Press Pass issued the following statement yesterday that pertains to the Brad Keselowski autographs found in 2012 Press Pass Ignite.  Apparently there was a mistake and they were not hand-signed.  Instead the were signed with an autopen.  If you pull a Keselowski autograph from ’12 Ignite, be sure to follow the instructions on how to get your card replaced.

“As many of you know, last week was the official release of Press Pass’ newest NASCAR trading card release – 2012 Press Pass Ignite Racing.  We are very excited about this new product, and hope you will share in our excitement once you experience the product.

We are aware of rumors which surfaced last week about Brad Keselowski’s autographs in this product appearing not be hand-signed.  It appears there was an accident related to the autograph sheets (as opposed to traditional autograph cards) that were sent to Brad to be signed for Ignite and unfortunately they were mistakenly mishandled and signed with an autopen.  Press Pass takes authenticity very seriously, and we want our collectors to know that we would never intentionally put autographs into our products that were not authentic hand-signed signatures.

We are confident that this is an isolated incident and that no other autographs from any driver in Ignite or any of our other products are affected.  Press Pass has also reached out to the drivers and team representatives and reiterated internally the importance of following the proper procedures to ensure that all autographs are authentic.

We are all eager to correct this error as quickly as possible.  Press Pass will be sitting down with Brad within the next few weeks to have the autograph sheets re-signed.  Press Pass has also begun the process of having new cards printed, and each card will be rebuilt with the authentic autograph and a prime swatch of race-used firesuit from Brad.

In addition, everyone who received one of the Brad Keselowski Ignite Ink autographed cards and sends it in will also receive a retail box of 2012 Ignite Racing (a $20 value).  Plus, your name will be entered to win a trip for two to an upcoming race to watch Brad race in person!

If you have received one of the Brad Keselowski Ignite Ink autographed cards, please contact us at info@presspassinc.com.  We will provide you with instructions for redeeming your card.

We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and we appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  Thanks to all of our loyal customers for your continued support.  We want to be fully transparent with this situation, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.”

Leaf’s Bringing Lombardi’s First Relics To Collectors With Lombardi Legacy


Leaf just released the sales sheet for 2012 Lombardi Legacy and all I can say is WOW!!!  Every box will come with (4) base cards, (2) inscription autographs, and (1) Vince Lombardi worn jacket relic card.  Up until now, Lombardi hasn’t had any relic cards.  Leaf will also be randomly inserting redemption cards that can be redeemed for a Vince Lombardi signed check.

Let’s recap:

  • (4) base cards
  • (2) inscription autographs – every autographed card in the set has an inscription
  • (1) Vince Lombardi worn jacket relic card
  • Randomly inserted redemptions that can be redeemed for signed Lombardi checks

This product looks absolutely amazing, and it doesn’t even have an NFL license.  This is exactly how a non-licensed product should be done.  To have a successful non-licensed product the manufacturer must approach the product with an open mind and a unique perspective.  No cookie cutter products from Leaf.