$249.99 Can Get You This……………….

This is not my video, but I would be mad if I spent $250.00 on a single pack and it only contained this.  Talk about a mistake.


A Good Sign

Yesturday when I visited one of my local card shops, I saw a good sign.  There are a lot of people that think the bad economy is having a big hit on the hobby, but when I walked in that door yesturday it sure didn’t look like the case to me.  The cash register up by the front door is on a table that is pretty high, and the tape reached all the way to the floor.  I asked the owner how business was going?  He replied that they are selling a ton of high-end products by the box such as 2008 Bowman Sterling football.  This bad economy doesn’t seem to be hurting the card collectors in my neighborhood.  Its great to see a card shop that has been in business for over 30 years have a register tape reach all the way to the floor, especially when its full of expensive products.  A recent report on The Cardboard Connection stated that Topps and Upper Deck both have sold out of some of their products from last year.  I’m thinking that sports card collecting provides an escape for some people from the world’s problems.  For those people that think our hobby is in the crapper, I respectfully disagree.  I think our hobby is doing good, and I can’t wait to see what surprises come next.


The Magic Of Dual Autographed Cards

Dual autographs are one of the cooler parts of the hobby.  They can feature players from the same team, position, or maybe they are all Hall of Famers.  Other times dual autographed cards can leave collectors scratching their heads wondering why the manufacturer put these two players together on the same card.  A lot of people think that dual autographs are more expensive than single autographed cards, but that isn’t always the case.  Dual autographed cards can actually be a great way to get that superstar autograph at a lower price.  The reasons why some dual autographed cards come at a lower price would be serial number, and who that superstar is teamed up with.  Sometimes if a superstar is paired with an athlete that didn’t quite do so well, the card might come at a discount.  This specifically can happen when a superstar or legend is teamed up with a new rookie that never panned out.  Take this card for example.  It is a 2006 Press Pass Legends Dan Marino / Greg Lee Dual Autographed card numbered to 50.  I know what your thinking.  Who the hell is Greg Lee?  After doing a Google search I found out he is a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, and he’s not the most popular player to collect.  In the case of this card, thats a great thing.  Currently this card is up for sale with a “Buy It Now” price of $95.00.  It probably won’t sell for that price, which means if it were a regular auction the price might be lower.  Press Pass cards usually don’t sell for as much as the ones made by Upper Deck, Topps, and Donruss/Playoff, but being able to snatch up a Marino autograph numbered to 50 for less than $100.00 is pretty nice.  I know of only a few other Marino autographed cards that you can get for under $100.00 and be an on-card signature.  The important thing to remember is that this may not work all the time, but its a good way to try an obtain that superstar autograph at a lower price.