“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2015 Williamsport Sun-Gazette Pin Collector Badge

 photo sungazette2015shieldpin_zpsckgf2jrr.jpg

In honor of Captain America: Civil War coming out, I think this pin is appropriate.  The Williamsport Sun-Gazette made this pin for the 2015 Little League World Series.  Each year they come out with a whole slew of pins you can buy.  The Sun-Gazette booth that was setup at Little League last year wasn’t selling this particular pin though.  I think you could only get this one at their downtown location.  As you can easily tell, the pin is designed to look a lot like Captain America’s shield.  I own a bunch of Sun-Gazette pins, but not this one.  The only time I’ve seen one on eBay was in a lot.  By the time I saw it the auction had ended.  Despite not being seen much, I doubt its very rare.  The lot that had this pin in it sold for a couple dollars.

I find it cool when superheroes and sports stuff are combined.  Its becoming more popular.  This weekend the San Francisco Giants are giving away Captain America bobbleheads.  Instead of being the classic red, white, and blue, the color scheme is white, orange, and black.  I really hope this trend continues.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 97th Indianapolis 500 May 26, 2013 Bronze Badge Pin

 photo 13indy500_zpsb6742720.jpg

Tomorrow is the 97th running of the Indianapolis 500.  Throughout the month of May, all kinds of activities have been going on at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  For those die hard race fans that got to attend, this pin was probably your best friend.  For a cost of around $100.00 this pin would get you access to all of the events (except the actual race), plus garage access.  Over the decades these pins have become quite collectible.  Some of the old ones can sell for well in the hundreds of dollars.  Dubbed The Greatest Spectacle In Racing, the Indianapolis 500 has come a long way since Ray Harroun won the first race back in 1911.  Its funny to look at the lineup that day because everyone that raced was a rookie.  Harroun won $14,250 for coming in first that day.  Last year, Dario Franchitti snagged first place and won $2,474,280.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: Brett Favre 1994 Action Packed Badge of Honor


Action Packed has long been out of the sports collectibles business, but during the early to mid 90’s you could find their stuff all over the place.  In 1994 they produced a product called Badge of Honor.  Each pack contained four pins.  Just like a lot of sports collectibles of this time, they were overproduced to the max, and can be found today for very little money.  I say put old and rare pins into newer cards.

Remembering HK


Tonight the Phillies will be wearing an HK patch on their uniforms in honor of Harry Kalas.  They plan to wear them all year.  Usually they place a patch like this on the sleeve, but this one will be placed on the front of the jersey near the heart.  I plan to display this HK patch on Sports Card Info for the remainder of the baseball season.  Please feel free to copy & paste the HTML code below to display the patch on your own website or blog.

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