Card of the Day: Barney Poole 1952 Bowman Large #11

Hey look, an autograph

Back in 1997 when I was still very early into collecting, I heard about a new card shop that had opened up around my area.  It was called the Penalty Shot, and was the first card shop that I had ever been to.  It became a regular thing for me to go every weekend or two and check out what they had.  When walking in they had a ton of team boxes, glass cases, and a dollar wall.  I became a huge fan of the dollar wall because I was young and didn’t have a lot of money to purchase cards.  One weekend while I was there I saw they had a new football product called 1997 Upper Deck Legends.  The owner of the shop was really excited about the product so I decided to try a few packs.  On the way home we stopped for gas and a hotdog.  While I stayed in the car when my father pumped gas, I started going through what I picked up at the shop.  I opened the first pack of Legends which had a Marquee Matchups card of Franco Harris.  In the second pack I pulled a  Lem Barney autographed card.  I was so excited because this was the first autographed card I had ever pulled from a pack.  When I went back to the shop a few weeks later I told them what I pulled out from only a few packs.  Because I did so well they gave me a free redemption card as a gift.  The redemption was for a Dwight Stephenson 1997 Upper Deck Legends autographed card.  I sent it in and since it took Upper Deck so long to fill it they gave me a free Mike Haynes autographed card.  That is one trip to a card shop I will never forget.