Product Highlight: 1995 Taco John’s Iowa Barnstormers AFL Team Set

Arena football has it’s followers.  You wouldn’t know that based on the small amount of AFL cards out there.  Upper Deck gave it a shot, but unless you pull an autograph of a famous coach or owner that box probably won’t be too rewarding.

In 1995, the Iowa Barnstormers played their inaugural season with a young quarterback on their roster named Kurt Warner.  After being released from the Packers in 1994, Warner turned to the AFL since no other NFL teams seemed that interested in signing him.  He played with the Barnstormers for three seasons before heading over to Europe, and then eventually found his way to the St. Louis Rams.

Leave it to the Iowa Barnstormers and a Mexican fast food franchise called Taco John’s to produce what is likely the most valuable AFL card ever printed.  Taco John’s sponsored the team’s first set.  You could obtain these cards in two different ways.  First was to purchase an entire team set directly from the Iowa Barnstormers.  The second way would’ve taken much longer.  For each week of the AFL season, participating Taco John’s restaurants would give out two different cards from the set with a purchase.

The entire set consists of (42) cards.  Kurt Warner is the most notable one of the bunch.  Its his first football card.

Having (42) cards in the set meant it could take up to (21) Taco John’s meals before pulling a Kurt Warner.  I wouldn’t want to see what the bathroom looks like after eating (21) Taco John’s meals.  That’s a scene best saved for a Garbage Pail Kids sticker.

Lancaster Barnstormers vs. Bridgeport Bluefish – 5/30/15

Every summer I try and get to a handful of minor league games.  Specifically on days they’re giving out bobbleheads.  This year I’ve got tickets for the Williamsport Crosscutters, Harrisburg Senators, State College Spikes, and the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.  On the day I go see the Iron Pigs they aren’t giving out bobbleheads, but I’ve never been to Coca-Cola Park before.  So that will be a whole new experience for me.

The Lancaster Barnstormers give out great bobbleheads.  They aren’t always of players, managers, and/or mascots related to the team either.  Many times their bobbleheads focus on historical or famous individuals from the Lancaster area.  On Saturday, May 30th the Barnstormers gave out bobbleheads of Robert Fulton to the first 1,000 fans.

Robert Fulton was born in Little Britain, PA which is located in the southern portion of Lancaster.  He is credited with inventing the first commercially successful steamboat called Clermont.  Fulton was also commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte to design the Nautilus, which was one of the first usable submarines in history.  Early torpedoes used by the British Royal Navy were another invention of his.

The Barnstormers have two more bobblehead nights this year.  On July 18th they will be giving out bobbleheads of golfer Jim Furyk.  Johnny Weir bobbleheads will be given out on July 31st.  While I was there, I picked up a new pin for my collection too.  They should be getting a few more new pins in later this season.  Lancaster won 10-0 that night.

 photo IMG_2568_zpskgavylxg.jpg

 photo IMG_2579_zpsmzawpqrk.jpg

 photo IMG_2569_zpszkd5dhl8.jpg


Barnstormers vs. Skeeters – Bobbleheads, Tracy McGrady, & Alpacas

Baseball, bobbleheads, alpacas, and Tracy McGrady.  This sounds like the opening scene to The Hangover.  Oh no.  Its happened again!

The Lancaster Barnstormers are celebrating their 10th season this year.  On Saturday, May 31st, they were taking on the Sugar Land Skeeters.  The Barnstormers won 5-3.  Picked myself up a new 10th anniversary t-shirt, plus a lanyard.  I’m not scheduled to attend anymore minor league games until the end of August.  The State College Spikes are giving away a bobblehead of James Franklin on 8/28.  Then the Williamsport Crosscutters are having an Andrew McCutchen bobblehead night on 8/29.  Back-to-back bobblehead nights!

 photo IMG_2167a_zpsfd4ba02a.jpg

The first 1,000 fans through the gate received a bobblehead of J.P. McCaskey.  The Barnstormers are known for making bobbleheads of historic figures from Lancaster.

 photo IMG_2157a_zps8dc1415f.jpg

7x NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady retired from basketball last year, but signed a deal to pitch for the Sugar Land Skeeters.  He was in the house, but not scheduled to pitch.

 photo IMG_2161a_zps834fa52a.jpg

Anyone remember Phillies prospect Greg Golson?  I think I still have an autograph of his from ’04 Bowman Chrome.  He’s bounced around from a bunch of teams, and is currently playing for Lancaster.

 photo IMG_2160a_zps85b899a9.jpg

 photo IMG_2162a_zps5361cbe8.jpg

Koby Clemons.  Bet you can’t guess who his dad is?

 photo IMG_2153a_zps025af394.jpg

Delwyn Young.

 photo IMG_2147a_zpsa99740ab.jpg

For some crazy reason there were two alpacas outside the stadium.

Lancaster Barnstormers vs. Road Warriors – 6/11/11

Clipper Magazine Stadium is one of the nicest minor league ballparks.  Last night I went down to watch the Lancaster Barnstormers take on the Road Warriors.  Lancaster won 7-5 and only played six innings due to rain.  This park has some of the best food.  If you go, I highly recommend getting the chicken fingers and fries.  They are the best!

Before finding the seats, I went in the gift shop and picked-up three new pins for my collection.  This year’s team set isn’t out yet.  They aren’t expecting them until August.

The starting pitcher for Lancaster was Justin Segal.  He was fun to watch pitch because he has a unique delivery to the plate.




The Barnstormers are in the Independent League along with the Camden Riversharks and Long Island Ducks.  Former Phillies third baseman and 2008 World Series Champion Pedro Feliz plays for the Riversharks.  Lew Ford, former outfielder for the Twins plays for the Ducks.  Just in case anyone wondered where those two have been.

PHOTOS: Lancaster Barnstormers vs. Somerset Patriots


Last night I took a drive down to Lancaster to see the Barnstormers take on the Somerset Patriots.  As you can see, Lancaster lost 3-2.  Clipper Magazine Stadium has to have the best food out of any stadium I’ve been to this summer.  I picked up a 2010 Team Set,’09 Update Set, and of coarse a new pin for my collection.  The first 1,500 fans 16 and older received a James Buchanan bobblehead.  Buchanan is the only Pennsylvania-born President and lived in Lancaster.


Somerset Patriots Manager, Sparky Lyle





PHOTOS: Barnstormers vs. Revolution


Last night I attended a Lancaster Barnstormers vs. York Revolution minor league game.  It was the first time I had ever been to a game on the 4th of July.  This is the 5th anniversary of the Barnstormers, so I picked up a few pins and a team set for my collection.  Check out some of the photos!



Barnstormers Manager Von Hayes



Tom Herr


Pete Rose, Jr


Tom Herr’s son Aaron Herr


Aaron Herr & Pete Rose, Jr


My 4th of July was Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!

2008 Lancaster Barnstormers & 2007 Atlantic League All-Star Set Breaks

2008 Lancaster Barnstormers Team Set:

  1. Eric Ackerman
  2. Jarred Ball
  3. Ian Bladergroen
  4. Lance Burkhart
  5. Jeff Muessig
  6. Patrick Cassa
  7. Ryan Cullen
  8. Juan Francia
  9. Ricardo Gomez
  10. Danny Gonzalez
  11. Yamel Guevara
  12. Josh Hall
  13. Jutt Hileman
  14. Matt LeCroy
  15. Tim McClaskey
  16. Manny Mejia
  17. Zack Parker
  18. Ross Peeples
  19. Nick Renault
  20. Sendy Rleal
  21. Judd Songster
  22. Vasili Spanos
  23. Brian Stavisky
  24. Lloyd Turner
  25. Michael Woods
  26. Cyloicious L. Barnstormer
  27. Boots Day
  28. Von Hayes
  29. Rick Wise

2007 Atlantic League All-Star Team Set:

  1. Denny Abreu
  2. Brian Adama
  3. Sandy Aracena
  4. Elliot Ayala
  5. L.J. Biernbaum
  6. Bobby Brownlie
  7. Lance Burkhart
  8. Jay Caligiuri
  9. Vito Chiaravalloti
  10. Derrick DePriest
  11. Matt Dryer
  12. Nate Espy
  13. Danny Garcia
  14. Danny Gonzalez
  15. John Halama
  16. Jutt Hileman
  17. Bobby Malek
  18. Dwight Maness
  19. Quinton McCracken
  20. Ray Navarette
  21. Jeff Nettles
  22. Keith Reed
  23. Victor Rodriguez
  24. Junior Spivey
  25. Josh Stevens
  26. Gabe Suarez
  27. Jeremy Todd
  28. Tommy John
  29. Frank Klebe

Lancaster Barnstormers vs. Newark Bears

Last night the Lancaster Barnstormers ripped through the Newark Bears 15-2.  There was so much action in the first inning.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many hits and runs from a team in the bottom of the 1st.  Matt LeCroy crushed the ball as the Barnstormers batted around again and again.  I was able to get a 2008 Team Set and a 2007 Atlantic League All-Star Team Set, plus another pin for my collection.  Before the game started, I was able to get Nick Renault, from the Barnstormers, to autograph a ticket stub.  That stadium is great for taking photos.  You can check them out below.

Anyone remember this guy?  Its Randall Simon.  He was the guy who hit that sausage mascot with a bat when he played for the Pirates.

Can you believe that this guy gave up 10 runs in the first inning?  And they kept him in the game.


Game Tonight


Pin of the Day #17

Lancaster Barnstormers