Card of the Day: Babe Ruth 2002 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Bat Barrel

 photo ruth02udspcutsbatbarrel_zpssjs3i4yh.jpg


Card of the Day: Mike Schmidt 2012 Playoff Prime Cuts Barrel Up – Bat Barrel Relic

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Card of the Day: Scott Rolen 2008 Upper Deck Premier Bat Barrel


Card of the Day: Manny Ramirez 2004 UD Ultimate Collection Auto Bat Barrel


Card of the Day: Chase Utley ’09 Topps Sterling Bat Barrel


Barrels Are The Best Bat Relics

Memorabilia cards are one of the coolest things that I think has happened to the hobby.  I know the market is flooded with them and many aren’t even worth $0.99.  In today’s market it takes a lot more to get the collector’s attention.  A card containing a piece of plain bat just doesn’t spark a ton of interest, not unless its of someone like Babe Ruth.  In my opinion, one of the best type of relic cards in the hobby would be the bat barrel.  I’m not talking about the manufactured pieces of wood found in Sweet Spot, I’m talking about the real thing.  The first time I saw a bat barrel was in 2002 UD SP Legendary Cuts.  I’ve always thought seeing the player’s name inscribed on the bat looked really good.  Since 2002 many more bat barrels have been produced, but they still seem to be a rarity in the hobby.  The best bat barrel cards contain the entire name, and I don’t like when they cut it in half to create more than one card.  I’d love to pull a HOF’er barrel or find a one of Scott Rolen to add to my collection, but any Phillie would do.  Lets just hope manufacturers don’t start making their own barrels like they have done with letterman patches.