Card of the Day: Dick Bass 1968 Topps #2

Flashback Product of the Week: 1990 Big League Bass


“THAT’S TERRIFIC BASS”.  That quote from the classic Saturday Night Live skit starring Dan Aykroyd was the very first thing to pop in my head while stumbling upon this set.  In 1990, collectors were introduced to the one, the only, the original Pro Bass Trading Card.  The set consists of 60 cards, mainly rookies, and can be found in factory set or pack form.  Card fronts picture a pro fisherman of the day usually holding a bass, while the reverse side talks about their career highlights.  Under hobbies, it shouldn’t be a surprise that most of them enjoy fishing.  After a few years, they eventually flamed out.  There were some people quite upset that these were even produced.  Feel free to read about their detailed history.  Today you might see a pro fisherman make an appearance in Allen & Ginter, but I highly doubt you’ll see a standalone fishing product again anytime soon.

On the back of each pack is says the following:

Prior to the introduction of the 1990 First Issue set, Big League Bass produced two sample cards for promotional purposes.  Printed in very limited quantities, they are destined to become highly prized collector’s items.  Now, you can get one of these cards plus a beautiful, Big League Bass “First Issue” cloisonne pin for just $4.99!

Some destinies aren’t meant to be fulfilled.