Lil’ Teammates Error Found In Cincinnati Best Buy

There is something wrong with this Lil’ Teammates figure.  It has a Bearcats helmet and a Texas Tech jersey/pants.  This was found in a Best Buy store in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I e-mailed the company and they confirmed that it is an error.  Their e-mail said the following:

Yep, that was an error from our manufactures.  Once a while that will happen, but we always catch it.  We are saving anything that is a “mistake” one…

This is the first time I’ve seen an error figure from them.  The Bearcats and Texas Tech have similiar colors, so I can see how something like this could happen.   Besides the 2011 All-Star Fan Fest figure they made for the All-Star game this year, this Lil’ Teammates figure pictured above is probably the rarest one to own.  Errors make for great marketing 🙂