Shill Bidding at it’s Finest

During the Hall of Fame game this year, the Redskin’s new rookie QB, Colt Brennan, amazed the crowd when he jumped in to play.  Of coarse the next day collectors were jumping all over his rookie cards making the prices go up.  But as we all know, when a rookie gets hot, that opens the door for scammers and counterfeiters.  This past weekend I wanted to see what a Colt Brennan 2008 Donruss Classics rookie card #’ed/999 was selling for because I pulled one out a few weeks ago.  Scrolling through the list I see this auction.  At first I thought it was great because usually they don’t sell for that much, but then I looked at what others were selling for and I knew something was up.  This auction was selling for much more than the others.  These seem to sell for around $6.00, which is way less than what this auction sold for.  In my opinion, this auction is a victim of shill bidding.  That is where the seller creates another eBay account and bids on their own items to raise the price.  None of the other cards like this were selling for this amount, inclding the ones that popped up for sale when this one did.  I guess some shill bidders expect people to keep bidding and not shop around.