Flashback Product of the Week: 1993 World Wide Collectibles, Inc. Pro Billiards Tour Set


Billiard cards.  Really?  Freaking billiard cards.  You bet.  Back in 1993 World Wide Collectibles, Inc. issued this 132-card Pro Billiards Tour Set.  It only came in factory set form, no packs.  The set is broken down into four sections: Pro Billiards Tour, Challenge of Chammpions, Legends, and World Team Billiards.  One million sets in various languages were suppose to be produced, but only around 45,000 found their way out do to a printing problem.  The English version is all you can find, and each set is serial numbered out of a million.  You know overproduction is a problem when the manufacturer is trying to convince you that a million sets is a limited quantity.

In 1993 they retailed for about $25.00, but today you can easily pick up a set for much less.   It shouldn’t be a surprise that billiard cards aren’t that popular, at least  not as a standalone product.  Throwing billiard players into products like Allen & Ginter and Sportkings seems to be fine with collectors.

This product certainly won’t drain your “pockets”.