Bring Home Jamie Cooper’s Yankees Dream Scene Today

 photo YankeesPrintsmall1_zps6b578446.jpg

Ok Yankees fans.  I’ve got some great news for you.  Jamie Cooper’s Yankees Dream Scene can now be yours to own.  Starting on Monday, November 17, 2014 Jamie Cooper will have Yankees Dream Scene lithographs for sale.  Each lithograph is printed on 300 gsm quality art stock, measures 26″ x 28″, and comes with a certificate explaining all the hidden details within the scene.  Jamie Cooper will also sign each lithograph too.  The cost is $125.00 plus $25.00 S&H for a single lithograph.  If you’re interested in purchasing one of these Yankees Dream Scene lithographs, please contact Jamie Cooper at: 

This would make an excellent gift for that ultimate Yankees fan!!!

Legendary Auctions sold the original Yankees Dream Scene in August, 2013 for over $20,000.00 during the National Sports Collectors Convention.  Jamie Cooper’s work is incredibly well done, and you can spend hours analyzing all the little details he puts into his work.  He really does his research.  Phillies fans know his work from the Phillies Dream Scene that is now hanging in the “Diamond Club” at Citizens Bank Park.  Lithographs for the Phillies Dream Scene are also available. & Upper Deck Bring Special Autographs To The National

Collectors ripping through their Upper Deck wrapper redemption packs this year during the National can look for these exclusive autographs. has teamed-up with Upper Deck to help celebrate Upper Deck’s 25th anniversary and promote their own sports memorabilia store.  The autographs, limited to 25 copies each, are of Reggie Jackson, Peyton Manning, Bobby Orr, and Magic Johnson.

These cards don’t differ that much in design when compared to the other autographs you can pull from the redemption packs.  They do have that orange tint to them.  I’m waiting for the day when those drones deliver boxes to my front door.  Even better, maybe they’ll throw in some bonus autographs of Jeff Bezos in this set.

 photo Amazon-Exclusive-2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Reggie-Jackson_zps457283f9.jpg

 photo Amazon-Exclusive-2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Peyton-Manning_zps997cef03.jpg

 photo Amazon-Exclusive-2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Bobby-Orr_zpse17070e3.jpg

 photo Amazon-Exclusive-2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Magic-Johnson_zps66479d44.jpg

Bring Back Those 90’s Inserts

The 90’s were filled with some of the nicest inserts and parallels the hobby has ever seen.  In those times, pulling a card serial numbered to 100 could easily classify as your “Pull of the Year”.  But as time went on and collectors became more interested in relics and autographs, card manufacturers lost their focus when it came to design.  Its almost as if manufacturers thought collectors would purchase anything as long as the card contained a relic or autograph.

I think it would be cool to see someone re-insert these popular 90’s cards into newer products.  Usually the answer would be to make more cards like them featuring updated players, but I don’t think that’s the answer.  Imagine flipping through a pack and pulling a rare ’93 Topps Finest Refractor.  I think it would be awesome!  Now lets kick it up a notch.  Perhaps we could put a little buyback twist to these cards.  One of the most popular sets from the 90’s are the Donruss Crusade inserts.  Player collectors go nuts over them spending immense amounts of money for something they have been searching years for.  What if a few of them were signed?  That is something I would like to see.

Which 90’s cards would you like to see re-inserted and/or made into buyback autographs?


Upper Deck Should Revive Their Golf Products

Should Upper Deck bring back its golf products?  I believe so.  Today’s hobby is filled with a bunch of different products based around UFC fighters and the PBR.  Why the hell not bring back golf boxes?  With MLBP making it very difficult for Upper Deck to produce baseball cards, I think this would give them a good opportunity to revive their popular golf brands like SP Authentic and perhaps create a few new ones.  From 2001 to 2004 Upper Deck produced golf cards on a regular basis and today many of those cards are still in high demand.  Obviously, Tiger Woods leads all of golf with some of the most valuable cards even with his recent troubles.  But other players such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, and Payne Stewart are still bringing in a lot of bids.  Even John Daly can bring in some big dollars depending on the type of card.

After 2004, you could find golf cards randomly inserted within other trading card products.  Most of the time these cards would be of Tiger Woods, especially if it was an Upper Deck product.  Today the largest maker of golf cards I believe is Creative Cardboard Concepts which distributes products like Sportskings and Famous Fabrics.  Those are two very high-end products and judging by some of the sales collectors are still into golf relics and autographs.  Famous Fabrics doesn’t even contain pictures of the players and people still want them for their collection.

There are a lot of unexplored areas Upper Deck could venture into when it comes to golf cards.  Shirts, gloves, and bags are some of the relics you’ll find on the market today.  I’d like to see part of the golf ball inserted into a card somehow.  Many pro golfers have unique ways of marking their balls and I think it would be cool to see that part of the ball in a card.  Lets not forget about flags, shoes, and clubs.  If Upper Deck can obtain sand from Omaha Beach, why not get some sand from Pebble Beach 🙂