Two Years Ago Today We Lost Our Friend Harry

Two years ago today Phillies fans lost their beloved Hall of Fame broadcaster, Harry Kalas.  I’m a huge fan of his, and thats why I’d like to show off my personal collection of Kalas cards.  In addition to these cards, I have two bobbleheads, HK pin, and an autographed bat.  I’m always on the lookout for more Kalas stuff.

There is a Harry Kalas Memorial Statue in the works, and the Phillies have accepted it as a gift.  I can’t wait to see it.


2004 Upper Deck Sweet Classic Signatures Spot Red Ink Auto #’ed 1/25


2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Blue Ink Auto #’ed 1/50


2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Auto


2004 Fleer Greats of the Game – Announcing Greats


2010 Monty Sheldon Harry Kalas Sketch card #’ed 1/1

The Hobby Needs Bob Uecker Relics & Autos

Hey, I must be in the front row” – Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker is one of the most recognizable figures in baseball.  Not only was he a great catcher, but he is one of the best broadcasters the game has ever heard.  Uecker’s stories and quotes will be repeated by fans for many years to come.

Unfortunately for you Uecker collectors you don’t have much to collect.  Bob Uecker only has a little over 20 cards.  In fact, the last Uecker card made comes from 2001 Topps Archives.  I think its time to make some new Bob Uecker cards containing autographs and relics.  Can you imagine all the interesting inscriptions he could put under his signature?  I could definitely see him in Allen & Ginter or OBAK.


Monty Sheldon Mailday Includes A Very Rare Kalas Sketch

This afternoon I received a package in the mail from renown sports artist Monty Sheldon.  Inside was a birthday gift that I will never let leave my personal collection.  Monty took the time to draw me a Harry Kalas one-of-one sketch card.  This card is way beyond awesome!!!!!!!!!  It was extremely nice of him to take the time to draw this cardboard masterpiece.  This has to be the ultimate one-of-one in my collection.  You won’t be able to find another card like this anywhere else in the world.  You can’t imagine how surprised I was when I opened the package.  This has to be one of the nicest cards I own.  Now this is a true one-of-one.

In addition to the Harry Kalas sketch card, Monty also sent my three Phillies 2010 National Chicle SP’s, and he autographed a few Chicle cards for me including Michael Vick and Jimmie Foxx.

Be sure to check out Monty Sheldon’s website and auctions.


This card depicts Hall of Fame Phillies broadcaster, Harry Kalas, throwing out the first pitch.  Monty Sheldon even signed and dated the back of the card.  It is card number 64 in his 2010 Sketch Card Set.

Ernie Harwell Remembered On Cardboard

Ernie Harwell was one of the best baseball broadcasters in the history of the game.  He called the television broadcast of Bobby Thompson’s “Shot Heard Round The World”.  Broadcasters usually don’t have a ton of cards to collect, but Harwell has a little over 30 different cards for collectors to add to their collection.  Probably his most popular certified autographs come from 2004 and 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic.  He does have a dual autograph along with Kirk Gibson which can be found in 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game and is limited to only 25 copies.  You can also find his autographs in 2003 and 2004 Topps Fan-Favorites.  Much like after the death of famous Phillies broadcaster, Harry Kalas, I’m sure you’ll see a rush of his collectibles hitting the market.


Crosscutters 4th Annual Hot Stove Dinner Guests Announced

On January 12th, I will be attending the Williamsport Crosscutters 4th Annual Hot Stove Dinner.  This is will be the third Hot Stove Dinner I have attended.  Today the Phillies announced which guests will be attending the dinner.  The guests include: Former Phillies pitcher Dickie Noles, broadcaster Tom McCarthy, hitting coach Milt Thompson, and Asst. General Manager Scott Proefrock.  Just like past Hot Stove Dinners, these guests will talk baseball with the crowd and let you know whats in store for the upcoming season.  One of the highlights of the evening will be when the Crosscutters induct former Phillies power hitter Dick Allen into the Bowman Field Hall of Fame.  As of right now, they aren’t sure if Dick Allen will be able to attend.

I plan on taking a bunch of photos to share.  The only downside to the evening will be the absence of the late Harry Kalas who always attended these events.  I’m going to try and get Dickie Noles and Tom McCarthy to sign one of my new bats.  This event is usually sold out, but tickets are still available if you live in the area.  For more information about this event, be sure to check out the Crosscutters website.


Goodbye Harry

Today the Phillies lost one of their best.  Long time broadcaster and 2002 Baseball HOF inductee Harry Kalas passed away at the age of 73.  Harry Kalas will go down in history as one of baseball’s best broadcasters.  Every year when baseball season would come around I looked forward to hearing his voice.  

The last time I saw Mr. Kalas was in January at the Phillies Dinner for the Williamsport Crosscutters.  The best part of the evening was when they would interview Harry and you could hear that iconic voice.  I was one of the lucky people to get his autograph that night on my bat.  This is one piece of memorabilia that will stay in my collection forever.  

Harry Kalas’s best certified autograph card is from 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic.  This is one card I would like to add to my collection someday.



This is a recent photo of Mr. Kalas at the Phillies Dinner last January.  


I just picked this bobble head up a few weeks ago.  I can’t believe that people are stealing my photo and using it for their auctions.