“Pin-Up” of the Week: Cleveland Browns WinCraft Fence Pin

 photo brownsfencepin_zpsxvhhx9za.jpg

You’ve got to feel bad for the Browns.  Historically, they haven’t been a good team for quite a long time.  This season they haven’t won a single game yet.  2016 has to really be tough for them considering the other sports franchises in Cleveland have done so well.  The Cavaliers won the NBA Championship while the Indians went to the World Series.  Maybe Robert Griffin III’s return will get the Browns their first win.  Who am I kidding?  RGIII will probably injure himself somehow drinking out of the Gatorade jug.  He gets hurt a lot.

WinCraft has this fairly new line of NFL pins that mimic the defense and offense signs you see fans holding.  You can actually rotate the letters “D” and “O” depending on who you’re rooting for.  I’ve seen defense sign pins for awhile, but never one that you can change.  They aren’t rare, and can easily be found for under $10.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 1949 AACC San Francisco ’49ers vs. Cleveland Browns Press Pin

 photo 49brownspresspinaacc_zpsy1t5t8yu.jpg

Well… Robert Griffin III is now a Cleveland Brown.  He must have put on one hell of a show for Hue Jackson to want him.  Cleveland seems to be the place to go where quarterbacks die.  Maybe this time it’ll be different.  I’m not holding my breath.  RGIII gets injured so easily.

It might be hard to believe, but at one time the Browns were actually very good.  They got their start in 1946 in the AAFC (All-American Football Conference), which was a major competitor to the NFL.  The AAFC was founded in 1944, but didn’t play it’s first season until 1946.  Then it went defunct in 1949.  While the AAFC was around, the Browns were champions for all four seasons of it’s existence.  Its no surprise that the NFL gave the Browns a place to go.  Along with the ’49ers and Colts.  They also have four NFL Championships under their belt as well.

Relics from these short lived leagues are in huge demand.  Since the AAFC wasn’t around that long, it’s list of merchandise is small.  The pin pictured above was given to members of the media who attended the fourth and final AAFC Championship game in 1949.  A pin just like this sold for over $400.00 not that long ago.

Browns ’15 Inception Jumbo Jersey Contest Winner Announced

 photo vince15jumbo_zpsdggypben.jpg

Congrats to James Sanders on being the lucky winner of the Vince Mayle 2015 Topps Inception Magenta Jumbo Jersey #’ed/50.  Once James Sanders sends me his mailing address, I will ship this card ASAP.  Thanks!

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2002 Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland Browns Bulldog Pin


With the death of Art Modell this week, I thought this pin would fit nicely.

R.I.P. Art Modell 

Card of the Day: Gene Hickerson 1971 Topps #36

Cleveland Browns Hall of Famer Gene Hickerson passed away recently.  I thought it would be appropriate to use one of his cards for “Card of the Day.”

Pin of the Day #13

Also picked this one up at the 2007 National as well.