Another Press Pass Replacement Mailday

Press Pass sent me another replacement for my Dez Bryant 2010 Press Pass autograph redemption.  This time they sent a Mike Williams 2010 autograph.  Earlier this week they sent me an Earl Campbell 2008 Press Pass Legends – Bowl Edition Top 25 autograph #’ed/75.  I think they’ve covered all their bases on this one.  I’m quite happy with my replacements.


Press Pass Replacement Mailday

Last June I busted a box of 2010 Press Pass Football, and pulled a redemption for a Dez Bryant autograph.  In January Press Pass informed me they would be mailing a replacement.  Today I received an Earl Campbell 2008 Press Pass Legends – Bowl Edition Top 25 autograph #’ed 14/75.  I think its a reasonable replacement.  I pulled three Dez Bryant autographs within the last year, and all have been redemptions.  I wish Press Pass would bring back Bowl Edition.  Those cards seem to be really popular.  Boxes yield five packs, each containing an autograph.


Nothing quite like an on-card autograph

How A Relic Card Is Made

Ever since Panini  started their blog, collectors have been given all kinds of behind the scenes access.  Check out their newest video showing you how they made the Paul “Bear” Bryant relics found in 2010 Century Collection.

Card of the Day: Dez Bryant 2010 Topps Rookie Premiere Auto


Panini’s 2010 Royale Crown Die-Cut National VIP Set

Today Panini announced they would include a card set within each VIP bag for this year’s National.  This Die-Cut Royale Crown set will feature Kobe Bryant, Evan Turner, Wesley Johnson, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, and Brandon Jennings.  Even though I’m not much of a basketball person, you can’t go wrong with the die-cut design.


Truly An Honest Fake + My Panini Opinion

I know the big news of the day is that Kobe Bryant signed an exclusive deal with Panini.  I think its great that it happened.  For years he was with Upper Deck and for him to switch sides really stirs the pot of competition between the major manufacturers.  Hopefully the competition will lead to newer innovations for The Hobby.  I too wish Panini would embrace the card blogosphere, but for right now it seems like they’re sticking with Big Brother Beckett.  Perhaps someday Panini will come around and realize that collector blogs are the new media.  In my opinion, they make great products.  This year’s Absolute Football is one of my favorite products.

Thats enough about Panini tonight.  Here is something funny I found up for sale this evening.  Its a 2008 Topps Eli Manning Ring of Honor insert with a fake autograph.  What makes this so funny is that the seller writes in the description telling you its fake.  Sometimes you’ll see “custom” cards and various other homemade items up for sale, but rarely will you find one stating its fake right up front.  Believe it or not, but it has (1) bid on it for $0.10 which is probably what this basic unsigned insert is worth.  I guess you could give the seller credit.  At least their being honest 🙂


Card of the Day: Kobe Bryant 96-97 Topps Chrome RC #138