Card of the Day: Nick Buoniconti 1972 Topps #43

Butchered Buoniconti

This is the only thing I don’t like about Signa Cuts.  Cutting-up cards shouldn’t be allowed.  I don’t care how overproduced the card is, it shouldn’t happen.  When I saw the checklist for 2011 Signa Cuts Football I got excited when I saw Nick Buoniconti’s name on it because he doesn’t have a lot of stuff to collect, and I like player’s from the Dolphins perfect season team.  This card recently sold for $51.00.   Despite them cutting-up that precious Pro Set card, I still would have liked to own it.  Looks like I missed this one.  Too bad its  a one-of-one.


Perfect Season Pickup

This morning I received a notice that I had won this Nick Buoniconti autographed card.  It comes from that Pro Football Hall of Fame set they issued near the end of last year.  The set features 253 total cards and 130 of them are autographed.  Buoniconti does not have any certified autographs and/or relics that can be found in packs.  I was lucky to find someone who decided to break their set apart card by card.  The Hall of Fame only made 150 sets, costing around $5,000.00 each.  This card only had one bid and I snatched it up for under $50.00.  Its going to be a long time before I find another person willing to spend that kind of cash on a set, and then want to break it up.  This card will fit well into my Perfect Season collection.  Its also an on-card signature and should arrive this week.


Nick Buoniconti Gets An Auto

I was just browsing through the list of players that have autographs in the new Pro Football Hall of Fame trading card set, and Nick Buoniconti’s name popped up.  Buoniconti is one of the members of the Miami Dolphin’s Perfect Season team and doesn’t have any relics and/or autographs found in packs.  I know companies have approached him for relics and autographs but he hasn’t really showed interest in it.  Too bad the HOF is only making 150 of these sets and you can’t purchase the cards individually.  Its a little too pricey for me at $5,000.00.  Other Perfect Season Dolphins from the set include Bob Griese, Larry Little, Larry Csonka, Paul Warfield, and Don Shula.


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