Product Highlight: 1991 Caesars Palace Lake Tahoe Heavy Hitters

Put on your Rolex and grab the keys to the Rolls-Royce because its time to hobnob with some celebrities.  Or at least people considered to be celebrities in the early 90’s.

Fifty celebrities came to play in the Celebrity Golf Championship that ran from July 4-7, 1991.  It was played on the Edgewood Golf Course in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and held by Caesars Palace.  It was a private event for those individuals who coughed-up the cash to play with a certain celebrity.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some high-rollers were invited to this event for free too.  The celebrities you could play with ranged from actors, singers, and sports figures.

Along with the invitation, invitees were given a specially made 8-card set to commemorate the event.  The checklist includes:

  • Michael Jordan #1
  • Maury Povich #2
  • Randy Quaid #3
  • Jim McMahon #4
  • John Elway #5
  • Mark Rypien #6
  • Kenny Rogers #7
  • Title Card #8

On the back of the Title Card you’ll find a list of the celebrities.  Why there is a checkbox next to each of their names is a total mystery to me.  Only seven have cards.

The reverse side on the celebrity cards are mostly blank except for the card number, Celebrity Golf Association logo, and a designated area for an autograph.

Very few of these sets are floating around.  The Michael Jordan holds the most value.  Apparently not many people were interested in holding on to them.  The overall consensus is that they were left behind and/or thrown out.  My running theory is that someone like Carl Spackler from Caddyshack picked them up and used them for some elaborate gopher trap.