Card of the Day: Wilbur Goode 1911 Sweet Caporal T205

 photo goodet205_zpskrlm2vvf.jpg

Card of the Day: Ty Cobb 1910-12 Sweet Caporal Pin


These pins could be found in boxes of American Tobacco Sweet Caporal tobacco products during the early 20th century.  Some pins are rarer than others.  There are about 205 pins to a complete set and you’ll find many small and large letter variations.  You can get them graded and/or authenticated.  I think look cool in the tiny grading holders PSA puts them in.

Introducing Wrapper Rippers!

Sports Card Info would like to introduce a new feature called Wrapper Rippers.  A Wrapper Rippers post will contain at least two packs of cards, and you need to decide which one you would rather open and why.  

The first Wrapper Rippers post consists of a sealed pack of 1952 Topps baseball, and a sealed pack of 1910 Sweet Caporal Tobacco cards.  Both sets are historical landmarks within the hobby.  Which one would you rather open and why?