Card of the Day: Mirro Roder 1975 Topps #508

Card of the Day: Joe Charboneau 1981 Fleer #397

Card of the Day: Hank Aaron 1958 Topps #30

Card of the Day: Otto Graham 1950 Bowman #45

Card of the Day: Tom Lasorda 1990 Topps #669

Card of the Day: Nub Beamer 1963 Topps CFL #4

Card of the Day: Willie McGee 1983 Donruss #190

Getting Organized With The BCW 3,200 Card Bin

A tank. That’s exactly what comes to my mind when I see BCW’s 3,200 Card Bin. This thing is built to help organize and protect your collection.

Key Features:

  • Holds 3,200 loose trading cards
  • Rows are wide enough for toploaders, magnetics, and deck boxes
  • Stackable with built-in feet to prevent sliding
  • Includes (4) Card Bin Partitions (slots in the rows hold them in place)
  • Hinged lid features secure sliding locks
  • Made of durable, acid-free plastic
  • Exterior toploader slots allow you to mark the contents of each row

While opening boxes I always hold out top rookies and prospects. For the most part they’re base cards, but if those players live up to the hype I know exactly where to find them. Prior to this I used corrugated cardboard boxes. The BCW 3,200 Card Bin is far superior to what I was using.

Additional Card Bin Partitions can be purchased separately.

Card of the Day: Tommy Helms 1973 Topps #495

Card of the Day: George Brett 1985 Topps #100