The 35th National Has Begun!

Its official.  The 35th National Sports Collectors Convention has begun.  Autographs, cards, and promos are flying all over the place.  Every single collector in the world should be in Cleveland right now.

I arrived in plenty of time to obtain my VIP and Guest/Media credentials.  Then off to the VIP Party I went.  After eating some pizza and a cookie, the show opened to VIPs at 3:30pm.  Take a look!

 photo IMG_2181a_zps3062ac46.jpg

7x All-Star Dale Murphy signing at the Freedom Cardboard booth.

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 photo IMG_2177a_zpsd2ab4d90.jpg

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Now for the pickups.  While waiting in line for Dale Murphy, I just happened to be standing next to the Topps booth.  I decided to pickup a box of 2014 Topps Minis.  With every purchase of a Topps Minis box, you get a jumbo card made just for the show.  I picked Mike Trout.

 photo IMG_2195a_zps4bda1076.jpg

 photo IMG_2196a_zps017319c5.jpg

These OYO minifigures were actually the first promos I got upon entering the show.

 photo IMG_2198a_zps726d7a89.jpg

I stopped by Marty’s Sports Card Exchange and bought a box of 2014 Allen & Ginter.  The I went to Blowout Cards and bought another just so I could get the Johnny Manziel Beckett Cover card.  Both boxes were unwrapped at the Topps booth and I got my Abreu and Tanaka exclusive National mini promos.  I still need to go through my boxes to see what I got.

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Cardboard Connection Radio’s Plans For The 2014 National

Cardboard Connection Radio sent out the following press release which details their plans for the 2014 NSCC.  Check it out!!!

The 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention is shaping up to be one of the best in its storied history.  Cardboard Connection Radio, the longest-running, weekly radio show dedicated to the hobby, will broadcast live throughout the 5-day event at Cleveland’s International Exposition (I-X) Center.  Friends of the show and special guests will talk trading cards with hosts Doug Cataldo, Rob Bertrand, Russ Cohen and David Wright as events unfold.

VIP and Super VIP ticket holders will also receive an added bonus.  In cooperation with SA-GE Collectibles, collectors can chase a 10-card set of football cards. Each VIP or Super VIP bag will include one of the nine-card set.  The 10th card, a checklist, may be picked up at the Cardboard Connection Radio booth (M-1) by showing your SA-GE/Cardboard Connection Radio trading card that is found in the VIP and Super VIP bags — while supplies last.  The set contains 7 rookies and 2 second-year players.

#N1 Le’Veon Bell
#N2 Blake Bortles
#N3 Teddy Bridgewater
#N4 Derek Carr
#N5 Jadeveon Clowney
#N6 Mike Evans
#N7 Eddie Lacy
#N8 Sammy Watkins
#N9 Terrance West
#NNO Checklist

As always, collectors will find a variety of cards and other goodies including t-shirts, and supplies from our friends at UltraPro at the Cardboard Connection booth beginning on Wednesday, July 30.  They will be available while supplies last.

On Saturday, August 2nd members of the Baseball Heritage Museum in Cleveland will appear at the Cardboard Connection Radio booth.  The Baseball Heritage Museum showcases the contributions that the Negro, Hispanic and women’s leagues made to the game of baseball.  The museum’s executive director is Vern Fuller, former second baseman for the Cleveland Indians.  Vern will sign autographs that afternoon (exact time TBD).  To help the museum, which is a non-profit, a donation of $5 for Vern’s signature is required with all proceeds going to the museum.

On Sunday, August 3rd our guest will be artist extraordinaire Sean Kane.  Sean is the founder of Painted Glove Collectibles (  Sean will demonstrate his artistic talents and show how he produces one of his unique, one-of-a-kind collectibles.  Sean has graciously donated a glove with a Cleveland theme to put in the hands of a lucky collector.  Stop by the booth to find out how you can participate.

 photo nscc-watkins_zpsaf533d39.jpg

 photo nscc-lacy_zpsa4c0a363.jpg

 photo nscc-clowney_zps1388cfde.jpg

Cardboard Connection Radio & SA-GE Bringing ’14 NSCC VIPs Exclusive 9-Card Set

 photo 14ccvipnsccsage_zps5fbbe71f.jpg

Alright everyone.  Here we go!  Today we got a glimpse of the very first promo to be given out during the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention.  It looks like SA-GE and Cardboard Connection Radio have teamed-up to bring VIPs and SuperVIPs an exclusive 9-card set.  Each VIP will get one card from the set.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There will be more promo news coming soon.

The 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention takes place 7/30 to 8/3 at the I-X Center in Cleveland.  Promos are a huge draw for collectors.  I can’t wait!!!

 photo 10308553_659826450762663_935236657943313173_n_zps6b3cc8c3.jpg

Cardboard Double Take – Reese & Rollins


Collectors were astonished when their eyes fell upon the 1953 Bowman Color set.  Never before had they seen such beautiful imagery conceived on cardboard.  One of the most impressive looking cards considered by many would be #33.  It features a leaping Pee Wee Reese attempting to make what looks like an impeccable double-play.  Up until this time, collectors didn’t get to see many action shots like this featured on their cards.  Some believe this to be a reverse negative, because it looks as if the runner is going from third back to second.  The runner could have been running in the wrong direction too.  Given that this photograph was taken during a spring training game, you have to imagine that anything could have been going on.

Centering and focus are the two main issues with this specific card.  Some can be blurry.  If you are looking to add one to your collection, poor condition examples can be found for under $100.00.  Ones that are pack fresh and look fantastic can be worth thousands.  If you want a nice one, expect to pay $300.00 to $500.00.


Since the production of the ’53 Bowman Color Reese, there has been countless action shots included within card sets.  It has become a hobby standard by now.  I’m sure there are shots similar to the Reese, but not as similar as this Jimmy Rollins 2007 Topps Turkey Red #10.  Not only is Rollins throwing in the same direction, but the runner is facing the same way too.  I’m sure the Reese inspired this piece of work.

Cut Signatures and Cardboard Irony

No doubt that one of the high-end pulls collectors will find in packs of 2010 Topps Football are the 75 one-of-one cut signatures celebrating the 75th anniversary of the NFL Draft.  I think this was a great idea, but I hate how some of the cards contain cut-up cards, especially vintage ones.


Cutting-up a perfectly good ’69 Topps card is never good.

One of the most ironic things about this cut signature set is how much some of these cards are selling for.  Lets take Tim Couch for example.  Couch was a hyped rookie when he was drafted by the Browns, and became a flop in the NFL.  His rookie cards are barely worth anything, but the redemption for his cut signature from 2010 Topps recently sold for almost $200.00.   Thats totally insane!  Maybe there is hope for those big NFL failures within The Hobby after all.  If they made a cut-signature of Ryan Leaf or Curtis Enis, I wonder how much it would sell for?

What I’m trying to figure out is if there is a market for NFL flops.  These guys are popular, but for all the wrong reasons.  When they decided to hang-up their jersey for good, how long after they retire does it take for them to be collectible again?  I think its an interesting concept and these cards would make great conversation pieces.  What do you think?


Only Topps could make Tim Couch popular again.

PHOTOS: The 2010 National Sports Collectors Convention

The National is by far the greatest show of the year.  I saw a lot of people, opened a ton of packs, and participated in many of the wrapper redemption programs provided by the manufacturers.  I even had time to watch the Orioles take on the White Sox Friday night.  The marketing was much better this year, not only for The National, but for other companies too.  There were T-shirts, cups, and all sorts of promos flying around the Baltimore Convention Center.  Check out some of my photos.





Press Pass




Upper Deck






Brian Gray plans to bring the Leaf brand back starting with 2010 Leaf MMA in Sept.


D & A Card World


Blowout Cards




This was one of the coolest artifacts on display at The National.  This is the bat Cap Anson used in 1897.  I had never seen anything of Anson’s before.


Former Baltimore Colts running back Lydell Mitchell


Member of the Miami Dolphins Perfect Season team, Earl Morrall


1983 Heisman Trophy winner Mike Rozier


Baseball Hall of Famer Jim Palmer






This has nothing to do with The National, but Pickles Pub was right next to the hotel I stayed at.  Every night the place was packed.

The Cardboard Connection Break – Part 3

Here is the conclusion to the giant box of cards I received from Mike Smeth from over at The Cardboard Connection.  The last row contained all Phillies ranging all the way back to 1957.  I’d also like to mention that he sent me a Brett Myers Just Minors autographed mini bat as well.

FCB Adds Third Autograph Guest For The 2010 National

Baltimore Orioles prospect Josh Bell will be the third autograph signer at the FCB booth during this year’s National.  Tazawa will also have the same design as Bell.


Here is the final card set collectors can look for.  Bell, Tazawa, and Hayhurst will also be included since they are the autograph guests.


FCB Announces Second Autograph Guest For The National

Chris Gilmore of FCB announced last night that Blue Jays relief pitcher Dirk Hayhurst will be signing autographs at their booth Saturday afternoon during the National.

Hayhurst is part of the FCB promotional card set too.  The base set featuring the baseball diamond is limited to 1,500 copies.  The second rarest features a night scene of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and is limited to 100 copies.  The autographed version is limited to only 25 copies.

I think FCB should get into the card making business.  These things look great!


The Cardboard Connection Break – Part 2

Check out some of the highlights of my Part 2 box break that I received from The Cardboard Connection.  Lots of fun Phillies stuff!!!