Card of the Day: 1994 Cardz – Muppets Take The Ice – New York Islanders #40

Flashback Product of the Week: 1993 Cardz The Flintstones NFL

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This product ROCKS!!!  You would have to be STONED to enjoy it!!!

Cardz Distribution was founded by Ann Blake.  It later went on to become Playoff Corp.  Cardz was mostly known for making trading card sets for various entertainment properties.  They would make products based on T.V. shows and movies.  Some of their products include Tom & JerryThe MaskTerminator 2: Judgement DayMaverick, and The Muppets.  Sometimes they would combine two properties in one.  That’s the case when it comes to 1993 Cardz The Flintstones NFL.

“Let’s put the Flintstones in NFL uniforms.”  This is not something you hear card manufacturers saying today.  But it looks like in 1993 it certainly was.  Cardz put the Muppets in NHL uniforms, so why not team the Flintstones up with the NFL.  It only seems like the most logical thing to do.

This product consists of 110 cards geared highly towards children.  Or perhaps just really big Flintstones fans.  All of the characters are represented in one way or another.  Cards to look for include the holograms and tekchrome.  They also made cards that you could color.  None hold much value today.  Boxes can be found for under $20.00.

Flashback Product of the Week: 2003 NFL CD Cardz


The 2012 NFL season is officially underway.  This week has been great for football collectors with products like Topps Platinum and Panini Momentum being released.  Out of the five rookie starting quarterbacks only one came out on top last weekend – Robert Griffin III.

CD-ROM based cards weren’t anything new to collectors when Serious released this 60-CD set back in 2003.  Collectors first saw cards of this sort back in the late 90’s.  I never found them to be all that exciting, and they died out in the early 2000’s.  Serious was a company based out of the United Kingdom, and I’m not sure what they were thinking hoping that this product would be a success.  By 2003 the CD-ROM cards hype was well over.  Releasing a product like this in 2003 was like Topps hyping up a new product in today by saying it has cards that contain jersey pieces actually worn by the player.  Just a little late to the party.  Perhaps this is why Serious isn’t around anymore.  At least their website doesn’t work.

What was on these CDs?  Player bio, stats, pictures, videos, wallpapers, etc.  Sealed packs can be found for a few bucks.


Flashback Product of the Week: 1994 Cardz – Muppets Take The Ice

Who doesn’t like the Muppets?  I’m not quite sure what Cardz was thinking when they decided to go through with this product.  Upper Deck’s Comic Ball sets didn’t do well, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to release something like this.  Either way they are entertaining to look at.  Each box contains 36 packs, and collectors can look for randomly inserted Tekchrome cards.  Whacka-Whacka-Whacka!!!