Card of the Day: Billy Champion 1970 Topps #149

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Card of the Day: Seabiscuit World’s Champion 1941 Willits Chamber of Commerce

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Card of the Day: Billy Champion 1972 Topps #599

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Topps Listens! 2012 Topps To Feature Pin Cards


All I can say is that someone over at Topps must be reading Sports Card Info.  Back in 2009, I suggested that it would be a cool idea to see pins incorporated into trading cards somehow.  While reading up on 2012 Topps, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw they’re planning to include World Series Champion pin cards.  I’d love to get my hands on the two Phillies World Series Champion pin cards if they make them.  Topps better make them!!!

I know many traditional collectors will just see this as another gimmick.  But if they did something like this in Allen & Ginter nobody would complain.  If this takes off, I’d like to see rarer pins incorporated into cards.  This is a great start.  Thanks for listening Topps 🙂

Mailday From The Pin Man

This morning I was going through yesterday’s mail and I came upon this little item I purchased from Jim Maser a.k.a The Pin Man, who I met during last year’s National in Cleveland.  According to this pin, the Phillies won the 2009 World Series, but I think we all know thats not the case.  This is an error pin that somehow made its way onto the secondary market.  These were probably made up before the ’09 World Series was over and should have been discarded, but this one slipped out the door and will stay in my collection for quite sometime.  In my mind, the Phillies went all the way last year 🙂