Card of the Day: Stephen King 2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions “They all float!” Inscription Auto


Card of the Day: Glenn Riddell 1910 T218 Champions Bowler

Card of the Day: 1974 Topps Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup Champions #216

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Product Highlight: 1999 Racing Champions MLBPA Superstar Yo-Yos Series 1

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Between seventh and eighth grade there were two big fads sweeping through my school.  The first were those Tech Deck fingerboards.  I never fully understood people’s fascination with those tiny skateboards.  Kids were constantly attempting to make cool jumps by only using one hand.  I bought one off of a classmate for a few dollars, but it wasn’t too long after that I lost interest.  The second fad was the yo-yo craze.  That one kept my attention much longer.  I had three different yo-yos.  It all started with a black-and-white Duncan.

Today it is all about fidget spinners.  Who knows what will be the “must have” thing tomorrow.  But we’re all going to wish we had thought of it first.  Companies like to cash in on these fads.  We’re already seeing officially licensed sports-themed fidget spinners hit the market.  I know the Williamsport Crosscutters are giving one out to kids this season.  It wouldn’t surprise me if lots of other teams do the same.

Racing Champions produced many diecast NASCAR collectibles throughout the 90’s.  To capitalize on the yo-yo popularity, they released more than one set of yo-yos.  It makes perfect sense that they would make a line of NASCAR yo-yos.  Seeing them release more than one set of baseball yo-yos was the real shocker.  With a name like Racing Champions you just don’t think about them issuing anything related to baseball.

It was the summer of 1999 when Racing Champions released Series 1 of their baseball yo-yos.  Although they weren’t licensed by MLB, they did get the ok from the MLBPA.  Each yo-yo in the set features a player on the front while picturing their name, jersey number, and town on the back.  The set consists of the following players:

  • Mark McGwire
  • Sammy Sosa
  • Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • Derek Jeter
  • Mike Piazza
  • Tony Gwynn
  • Ivan Rodriguez
  • Greg Maddux
  • Kevin Brown

Another set of Racing Champions MLBPA yo-yos exist.  The checklist is exactly the same.  What differs are the foil pictures and overall color of the yo-yo.  They almost remind me of a parallel.  All were mass produced, and can be purchased for barely nothing.  Its possible that prototype yo-yos exist or existed at one time before they were put into production.  Most likely they were destroyed or taken home by someone that worked there.

Racing Champions is still around, but in name only.  A company called Round 2 now uses the name.  They still produce diecast cars, but nothing relating to NASCAR.

Card of the Day: Stefanie Johnson 2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Auto

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“Pin-Up” of the Week: Clemson Tigers College Football Playoff 2016 National Champions Dangler Pin

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Nothing pleases me more than to see a team go the entire season without losing only to watch them choke in the National Championship game.  Especially when it happens to a team like Alabama who has won enough titles over the last few years.  That game was a nail biter right down to the very last second, but Clemson pulled ahead.  Alabama left too much time on the clock and Clemson marched right down the field.  I guess kicking Lane Kiffin to the curb wasn’t such a good idea.

Merchandise for Clemson’s victory immediately followed the game.  It could be seen on the field.  This pin is one of a handful made for retail stores.  You can easily add one to your collection for $8.

2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Box Break

This is the last box I brought home from the 2016 National.  Goodwin Champions is basically Upper Deck’s version of Allen & Ginter.  I think I actually prefer Allen & Ginter over Goodwin Champions because it has more baseball players.  One of these years I’d like to see Upper Deck issue a special Goodwin Champions parallel just for the National.  Don’t forget to check out my coverage of the 2016 National – Day #1, Day #2, and Day #3.  I’m looking forward to Cleveland in 2018.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Miesha Tate Auto

 photo mt16gcauto_zpsrcic4l8d.jpg


  • Erica Enders Event-Used Memorabilia
  • Thomas Stone Declaration of Independence Replica Signature #’ed/76

 photo endersd16gcrelic_zpsppzryvni.jpg

 photo stone16gcdoi_zps0uycibf8.jpg

Short Prints

  • Inbee Park #130
  • Christie Rampone #111
  • Camille Leblanc-Bazinet #132
  • Michael Jordan #104
  • Robbie Maddison #117

 photo mj16gc_zpszyep3jic.jpg


  • Tom Glavine Canvas #62
  • Mario Lemieux Canvas #106
  • Mario Lemieux #106
  • Tom Glavine #12
  • Tom Glavine #62
  • Tom Shields #73
  • Kaylyn Kyle #37

 photo tg16gcmini_zpsp16dfu7h.jpg

 photo ts16gcmini_zpsgewies3o.jpg


  • Wayne Gretzky #30
  • LeBron James #5
  • Tom Shields #22
  • Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni #36
  • Tommy Jones #18

 photo lj16ggc_zpsphczcbz5.jpg