Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Champs Hi Flyers Top Pro Motocross Premier Limited Edition


For a product that was geared mainly towards males, it sure did contain quite a bit of pink don’t you think?  A lot of adolescent males will tell you that having a dirt bike made you king of the neighborhood while growing up.  That usually lasted until they were old enough to drive.

Back in 1991, Champs made the decision to release an entire product based upon some of the top pro motocross riders of the day.  The set consists of 150 cards which can be broken down into Rookies and Race Action.  With this being the premier edition, most of the cards picturing individual riders are considered rookies.  The only note worthy card that deserves the slightest bit of attention would the the Jeremy McGrath rookie.  McGrath has won multiple Motocross and Supercross Championships and is one of the most recognized riders out there.  He has also had a handful of popular motocross games for the PlayStation, N64, and GameBoy.

Champs went on to produce another motocross set in 1992, which would be their last.  This version had a 200-card base set with special Mego Moto cards that were inserted one per box.  Both sets are barely worth a thing.  Despite being labeled a “Limited Edition”, they made plenty of them.  Boxes can easily be picked-up for $15.00.  Not every sport in the world can handle a standalone card product.  But back in the early 90’s apparently companies thought it would work.  SC Racing also issued a motocross set in 1988.

Celebration Relic Cards

Collectors have seen so many different relics cut-up and placed into cards.  Over the years its been getting more and more difficult to try and find something that’s truly unique.  We’ve seen jerseys, pants, bats, patches, helmets, etc…  One small thing that I’d like to see would be relics used during specific team celebrations.

As soon as the Phillies won their 5th straight division championship the other night, all the players put on the T-shirts and hats stating they were division champs.  I think it would interesting to pull a card that contains a piece of shirt worn by one of the players during a celebration like this.  It would be even better if the shirt was still drenched in champagne.  I know a lot of collectors probably think this is just another gimmick, but throw it into Allen & Ginter and nobody will know the difference.


On another note, I still don’t know why no company has ever made USFL relic cards.  I’m sure there would be some collectors that would love to pull a Steve Young LA Express jersey card.

Pin Mailday

I just had to add this one to my collection.  Next year there’re going all the way.


New Hat – Phillies Are 2010 NL East Division Champs

Despite all the injuries, the Phillies are the 2010 National League East Division Champs for a 4th year in a row.  Roy Halladay pitched a complete game shutout against the Nationals last night in a 8-0 win.  I think its time to buy a new hat!


Card of the Day: Tiger Woods 2009-2010 UD Champs Relic


Yet Another Addition To My Hat Collection



Upper Deck Logic


I like Upper Deck’s thinking.  “If your no longer allowed to package cards with tobacco, lets package it with knives.”  Whatever happened to packaging cards with frozen pizza and hot dogs?