Card of the Day: 1986-87 Fleer Basketball Checklist


Q & A – Are There Other Turkey Red Images?


Question:  I wonder if the early Turkey Red Tobacco Trading cards were just images of baseball players or were there other images?  Thanks for your help.

Answer:  The original Turkey Red set contained 76 Cabinet sized cards.  Card numbers 51 – 76 were of popular boxers of the time.  

  • Jem Driscoll #51
  • Abe Attell #52
  • Ad. Wolgast #53
  • Johnny Coulon #54
  • James Jeffries #55
  • Jack (Twin) Sullivan #56
  • Battling Nelson #57
  • Packey McFarland #58
  • Tommy Murphy #59
  • Owen Moran #60
  • Johnny Marto #61
  • Jimmie Gardner #62
  • Harry Lewis #63
  • Wm. Papke #64
  • Sam Langford #65
  • Knock-out Brown #66
  • Stanley Ketchel #67
  • Joe Jeannette #68
  • Leach Cross #69
  • Phil. McGovern #70
  • Battling Hurley #71
  • Honey Mellody #72
  • Al Kaufman #73
  • Willie Lewis #74
  • Philadelphia Jack O’Brien #75
  • Jack Johnson #76

2008 Myrtle Beach Pelicans Team Set Break

Brett Butts

Kyle Cofield

Bryan Dumesnll

Nick Fellman

Kevin Gunderson

Tommy Hanson

Deunte Heath

Gonzalo Lopez

Jeff Lyman

Ryne Reynoso

Ferdin Tejeda

Kelvin Villa

Chris Vines

Phillip Britton

Willie Cabrera

Tyler Flowers

Gorkys Hernandez

Brandon Hicks

Travis Jones

Chad Lundahl

Robert Marcial

Ernesto Mejie

Jon Mark Owings

Brandon Powell

Concepcion Rodriguez

Yohan Sllva

Derrick Arnold

Rocket Wheeler

Bruce Dal Canton

Rick Albert

Greg Hall

Missle Wheeler




The last three cards in the set are of mascots.  That is Tommy Hanson who was featured on Baseball America’s Hot List a few times throughout last summer.

’97 Upper Deck Legends Autograph Update Set Partial Checklist

I just received an e-mail back from Chris Carlin, who is the Hobby Marketing Manager at Upper Deck, about the ’97 Legends Autograph Update set that they plan to include in this year’s 2008 Ultimate Collection.  I asked if he could give me an idea of who was going to be in the set.  He said, the checklist is not final, but it will include 15 guys like:

Steve Young

Emmitt Smith

Barry Sanders

Brett Favre

Dan Marino

Bo Jackson

John Elway

He also mentioned that they will look exactly like the original ’97 set.

2007 State College Spikes Team Set

While at the game last night I was able to pick up a 2007 team set of the State College Spikes.  The cards included in this set are:

  • Austin McClune
  • Turner Ward
  • Bobby Spain
  • James Barksdale
  • Marcus Davis
  • Ronald Uviedo
  • Brian Tracy
  • Nicolas Suero
  • Dionis Rodriguez
  • Daniel Rios
  • Matt Cavgnaro
  • Miles Durham
  • Jorge Charry
  • Smelin Perez
  • Brandon Williams
  • Tony Watson
  • Nick Stillwagon
  • Keanon Simon
  • Duke Welker
  • Wilson Alvarez
  • Moises Robles
  • Mike Moriarty
  • Harrison Bishop
  • Matt Clarkson
  • Adam Simon
  • Matt Foust
  • Yoffri Martinez
  • Justin Byler
  • Taylor Cameron
  • Andrew Walker
  • Michael Felix
  • Brian Friday
  • Victor Igsema
  • Erik Huber
  • Ike the Spike

2007 Inaugural Season York Revolution Team Set Break

For the longest time I usually never broke open team sets from minor league teams.  This is because I usually knew what was inside and didn’t really expect to find anything else except what was on the checklist.  That was until I opened a team set from the Williamsport Crosscutters, (single A of the Phillies), and pulled out a randomly inserted autograph of Brad Eldred #’ed/23.  So, from that day forward I decided to open every minor league team set I buy.  Here are the results from the 2007 York Revolution Inaugural Season Team Set.


  1. Ryan Baerlocher
  2. Byron Batson
  3. Rayner Bautista
  4. Peter Bergeron
  5. Greg Brown
  6. Frank Castillo
  7. Chris Cooper
  8. Luis Cotto
  9. Matt Dryer
  10. Nate Espy
  11. Jeff Farnsworth
  12. Matt Ford
  13. Wayne Franklin
  14. Dave Gil
  15. Travis Hake
  16. Willie Matos
  17. David Maust
  18. Ramon Nivar
  19. Franklin Nunez
  20. Jason Olson
  21. Steve Smyth
  22. Chris Steinborn
  23. Kazunori Tanaka
  24. Luis Taveras
  25. Al Bumbry
  26. Down Town
  27. Chris Hoiles
  28. Tippy Martinez
  29. Ryan Minor 

Q & A – Can you help me identify this 1979 Topps Danny Ozark?


I recently bought a large box of singles from the 1979 Topps set. I came up about 40 cards short of making a complete set, but came across a very strange card.  As I was going through the cards for the Phillies, I had one card that showed Danny Ozark as the manager and it showed card number 1 on the back.  All the cards that I’ve seen or remember from this set had the manager on the team card, any ideas what this card is?



That card isn’t from the regular 1979 Topps set.  It is from the 1979 Topps Burger King card set.  Those could only be bought at Burger King restaurants back in 1979.  Thats why it doesn’t match the regular 1979 Topps checklist.  Hope that helps.