“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2015 Little League World Series Jackie Robinson West “Cheetah” Pin

 photo chestercheet15llwspin_zpscjhil5pk.jpg

Next week the 2015 Little League World Series starts.  It runs from 8/20 to 8/30.  Promotional pins will be flowing like water.  Many district and even some corporate pins have already begun to surface.  More will soon follow.

If you remember correctly, the Jackie Robinson West team from Chicago won the U.S. title beating Las Vegas.  They moved on to the World Championship and ended up losing to South Korea.  Not too long after that, Jackie Robinson West was being accused of recruiting players that live outside of the legal boundaries.  They were stripped of their U.S. title and its been a court battle ever since.

I highly doubt that this pin is officially licensed by Little League.  Even though it has Little League on it, I think you can use those words without getting into trouble.  Now if you were using the official Little League logo, that would be a different story.  The character on here looks VERY similar to Chester Cheetah.  His hat has a “42” on it for Jackie Robinson, and the “W” on the shirt is for West.  The word “Cheetah” sounds like “cheater” and as you can see the medal and rule book are in the trash.

I believe someone had these made up because they knew collectors would find them amusing.  One on eBay recently sold for $23.63.  The same seller had another one up for sale and the price was bid up to over $50.00.  But for some reason the auction was closed early.