If You Had To Choose

Who would you rather see try and sell you a box of 1988 Donruss?


Don West


Billy Mays – This guy made the famous catch, right?


Dan Ackroyd

I have to go with Don West.  He was really fun to watch.

If You Had to Choose

Lets say you are searching through your grandma’s attic and find an old baseball bat.  She says you can keep it if you want, if not she would just throw it out.  You take the bat home and decide to take it to the 2009 National Sports Collectors Convention next year to see if anyone can help you identify it.  A year goes by and you take the bat to the show.  Walking around the show for a bit you find Mastro Auctions and decide to check them out to see if they can help.  Placing the bat down on the table, many of the employees of Mastro Auctions rush over to take a look at the old piece of wood.  After closer insepction and doing some research, they identify it as an authentic bat once used by Connie Mack, the 1937 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee and Philadelphia A’s catcher/manager.  Mastro Auctions says that they have never seen an item like this before and if they were to put it up for auction it could sell for $75,000.00.  The National Baseball Hall of Fame found out from Mastro Auctions that you have a full size bat once used by Mack and would like to add it to their museum.  The HOF tells you that they cannot purchase the bat because they only accept donations.  Major League Baseball has declined to buy the bat from you and donate it to the Hall of Fame.  You are left with a decsion to make.  Do you sell the bat and make $75,000.00, or donate the bat to the HOF and have your name next to it saying, “Authentic Connie Mack Used Baseball Bat donated by XXXXXXX” forever encased with the rest of the artifacts?  What would you do?