Card of the Day: Clete Boyer 1989-90 Topps Senior League Baseball #4

Clete Boyer’s 1st Cut

For years Clete Boyer lived in Cooperstown and would sign autographs while tourists visted the Baseball Hall of Fame.  The first time I visited Cooperstown was in 2003 and this 2x World Series Champ and 1969 Gold Glove Award winner was signing a bunch of autographs for collectors.  This Yankees great was sitting inside one of the local card shops just signing away and when I met him he autographed one of his business cards.  At the time Boyer owned a restaurant called “Clete Boyer’s Hamburger Hall of Fame”.  After a few years in business, Boyer’s restaurant has turned into something else.  If anyone has been to Cooperstown during the early 2000’s, I’m sure you saw Clete Boyer too.

Boyer only has a handful of autographed cards and only one relic.  This year Upper Deck produced his first cut signature which can be found in ’09 SP Legendary Cuts and is numbered to only 42 copies.  It shouldn’t be hard to find one for under $50.00.  Boyer passed away in June of 2007, and was the first pro athlete to have is ashes stored in one of the new MLB licensed Eternal Image Yankees urns.



My bat has a lot more signatures on it now, but I still prefer this autograph versus the cut.

Card of the Day: Clete Boyer 2004 UD Yankee Classic Auto

Did anyone meet Clete Boyer while he was alive?  I met him a few times up in Cooperstown, NY.  He was always signing autographs for people.  He signed a photo and bat for me.


Card of the Day #93

Clete Boyer 1957 Topps RC