Josh Gibson Cut Signature Highlights Leaf’s 2012 Sports Icons


Last year it was “Shoeless Joe” Jackson.  This year it will be Josh Gibson.  Leaf Trading Cards is bringing back their Four Leaf Clover redemption cards within 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Edition Sports Icons.  Anyone who pulls a Josh Gibson Four Leaf Clover redemption card has the chance to win this beautiful cut signature pictured above.  Gibson’s one an only other cut signature ever inserted into a product was almost a decade ago in 2003 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts.  He is considered one of the best catchers and hitters baseball has ever seen.  Gibson played in the Negro Leagues and never made it to Major League Baseball.  Three months after he passed away, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier.  His signatures are very rare and demand insane prices when they become available.

You can look for 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Edition Sports Icons near the end of July.  Each box comes with a slabbed cut signature.


The estimates Leaf puts on the high-end “hits” like the Gibson and Jackson cut signatures are no where near what they will sell for.  The Jackson cut sold for $26,290.00 and the estimate was around $90,000.00.  The Gibson cut is estimated at $40,000.00 to $50,000.00, and I just don’t see this card going for that kind of money, especially if the Jackson cut didn’t even break $25,000.00.  Both signatures are ultra rare, but Jackson’s autograph is much more difficult to find considering he barely knew how to read or write.  Gibson on the other hand was a smart guy and if he hadn’t played baseball probably would have been and electrician.  Neither autograph is easy to find, but I believe Jackson’s to be worth more.

The First “Shoeless” Joe Jackson Lucky Clover Redemption Has Been Pulled

The first “Shoeless” Joe Jackson Lucky Clover redemption has been pulled from 2010 Sports Icons Update: “The Search for Shoeless Joe”.  It was pulled by a customer at Marty’s Sports Card Exchange in Chattanooga, TN.  There are four redemption cards in total.  Three of them were inserted into boxes of 2010 Sports Icons Update: “The Search for Shoeless Joe” and the fourth will be given to the collector who presents the most completed set of 2010 Sports Icons Update.  One of the lucky collectors who receives one of these redemptions will receive a “Shoeless” Joe Jackson cut signature during the 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention.  According to Brian Gray, the signature is of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, and not signed by his wife.

Marty’s Sports Card Exchange is a great place to buy wax.  He usually sets up during The National and The Philly Show.  In my opinion, he has the best prices on wax during a show.  I’ve purchased a lot from him over the years.