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Card of the Day: Ryan Howard 2022 Topps Stadium Club Auto

Torkelson, Witt, & Rodriguez 2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Stamped Rookies Arrive

Members of the Topps 582 Montgomery Club were a little disappointed when they opened their club-exclusive factory set to find that rookie cards of Spencer Torkelson, Bobby Witt, Jr., and Julio Rodriguez did not include the 582 Montgomery Club stamp.

Topps made up for the mistake and sent members corrected versions of these three cards which just arrived.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The card stock used for these corrected versions is thicker when compared to the cards found in the 582 Montgomery Club factory set. Both sides of the corrected versions have a glossy finish too. Cards found in the factory set only have gloss on the front.

This officially wraps things up for the 2022 membership.

Card of the Day: Johnny Bench 2021 Topps Stadium Club #197

ALERT: Watch Out When Buying These 2022 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Chrome Refractor Autographs

The 2022 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Chrome set consists of (90) cards.

Collectors ripping through their packs/boxes have noticed that the Refractor parallels of these cards contain the Topps autograph COA printed on the back. The only problem is that these specific cards were never meant to have that COA printed on them.

As you can imagine it wouldn’t take much for a scammer to forge the player’s autograph on the front, and attempt to pass it off as the real thing. An individual who didn’t know any better might look at that card, see the COA, and believe the autograph is authentic.

It looks like this is isolated to just the regular non-autographed Refractor parallels. Non-autographed Orange Refractors #’ed/99, Pearl White Refractors #’ed/30, Gold Minted Refractors, and SuperFractors #’ed 1/1 do not have this COA printed on the back.

If you’re looking for an authentic 2022 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Chrome Refractor Autograph not only should it have the COA printed on the back, but the front should have the “TOPPS CERTIFIED AUTOGRAPH ISSUE” message as well. It should also be serial numbered.

A similar situation took place with 2021 Topps Archives Baseball.

2023 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Details

Topps seems to be cutting back some of the benefits of their 582 Montgomery Club. The new details of the club for 2023 were announced this week.

The cost to renew your current membership is $149.99. For new members it will be $199.99.

Current members can renew their membership starting at 11:00 a.m. ET on 12/5/22 to 11:00 a.m. ET 12/7/22.

New memberships open up at 3:00 p.m. ET on 12/7/22 to 3:00 p.m. ET 12/9/22.

With the reduced price comes a reduced amount of sets. Members will receive (1) 582 Montgomery Club Factory Set (Fall 2023), and (1) 20-card set (Spring 2023).

Members will have early access to order the following list of products before the general public:

  • 2023 Bowman Chrome Sapphire
  • 2023 Topps Chrome Sapphire
  • 2023 Topps Chrome Star Wars Sapphire
  • 2023 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Sapphire
  • 2023 Topps Finest Flashbacks Baseball
  • 2023 Topps Chrome Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire

Products available for early access in this year’s membership will be limited to the products listed above.

Members are bound to the (1) membership/household rule; Topps reserves the right to cut off your membership at any point if you’re suspected to be exceeding the (1) membership per household limit and have not explicitly received permission in writing from Topps to do so.

Topps reserves the right to alter pricing and/or products at its sole discretion.

I plan to keep my membership. Last year to renew it cost $299.99, and $599.99 for new members. It would be cool to see that (1) 20-card set be some type of members-only Sapphire product. Throw in some managers and mascots.

Based on the way it sounds the products on the early access to order list is rock solid.

People who had more than (1) membership per household have already begun to get cut off from their membership.

Topps at least plans to keep this club around for another year. Beyond that who knows what will happen.

The Topps 582 Montgomery Club was never meant for people to flip sealed boxes on the secondary market. That was a side effect of Topps not knowing what to price certain products at, and crazy economic conditions. Topps has gotten smarter when it comes to pricing these online-exclusive products. And the economic conditions have changed drastically since 2020/2021.

2022 Topps Allen & Ginter X Now Available For 582 Montgomery Club Members

2022 Topps Allen & Ginter X is now available for members of the 582 Montgomery Club.

Price is $69.99/box.

Each box contains (18) packs and will deliver (1) Framed Autographed Mini Card. Each pack contains (7) full size cards and (1) mini card.

I’ve always enjoyed the look of this set. The black card stock looks sharp.

2022 Topps Mini Baseball Now Available To 582 Montgomery Club Members

2022 Topps Mini Baseball went up for sale today on the Topps website for 582 Montgomery Club members.

$24.99 per box with a (2) box limit.

(990) cards make up the entire set (Series 1, Series 2, and Update Series). Each box should contain (35) cards with (2) inserts, and (3) parallels. Variations and autographs are also something to watch for.

2022 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Factory Set Update

When members of the Topps 582 Montgomery Club opened their exclusive factory set they were a little disappointed to see that key rookie cards of Bobby Witt Jr., Spencer Torkelson, and Julio Rodriguez did not come with the 582 Montgomery Club foil stamp printed on them.

Topps heard the disappointment and sent this e-mail out to members last night:

Members like myself were pleasantly surprised to see this e-mail. It sounds like members will be getting additional rookies of Bobby Witt Jr., Spencer Torkelson, and Julio Rodriguez with the foil stamp on them. I don’t think anyone saw this coming. When they arrive I’ll be sure to show them off.