Upper Deck Remembers NSCC Co-Founder Mike Berkus

With the passing of Mike Berkus (Co-Founder of the National Sports Collectors Convention) last year, it shouldn’t surprise you to see card companies recognizing him as we approach the next NSCC.  Back in May, Upper Deck mentioned they planned to remember him but didn’t say quite how… until now.

At first I thought Upper Deck might create a Mike Berkus commemorative Goodwin Champions card or something to hand out during the show.  Instead they did what Upper Deck does best and took it to a whole new level.  This past week, Upper Deck presented his family with a jumbo card of the late hobby icon that contains a piece of blazer he wore during the National.  You’ll also notice the piece was made to look like a card from Upper Deck’s A Piece Of History line of relics.

The official print run of these cards is unknown.  His family received many of them to give out to those people they think would like to own one.  Companies and individuals who are partners of the National Sports Collectors Convention are suppose to be getting one too.  Very cool!

 photo 2016-national-sports-collectors-convention-upper-deck-mike-berkus-tribute-memorabilia-card-front_zpsujemrehp.jpg

 photo 2016-national-sports-collectors-convention-upper-deck-mike-berkus-tribute-memorabilia-card-back_zpsbs2nbvqp.jpg

Upper Deck’s Co-Founder Richard McWilliam Passes Away


Every industry has its major players.  When it comes to the sports card industry, Richard McWilliam was one of those major players.  Upper Deck began to make its dent in the industry with the release of 1989 Upper Deck Baseball.  The set revolutionized the industry with its premium card stock and anti-counterfeiting design.  Not only that, but card #1 in the set is Ken Griffey, Jr’s most popular rookie.  Upper Deck quickly went on to produce some of the industry’s first autographed and memorabilia cards all taking design into consideration.  All major players take heat from time to time, but then again who doesn’t.  McWilliam sure took his amount of heat covering various topics.  Lets face it, sports cards probably wouldn’t be where they are today without McWilliam’s input.

He’s probably up there right now organizing an autograph signing with Babe Ruth, Wilt Chamberlain, Lord Stanley, and Jim Thorpe.

R.I.P. Richard McWilliam