Card of the Day: Sam Fuld 2008 Topps Co-Signers Auto

Card of the Day: Masanori Murakami/Kazuhisa Ishii 2003 Topps Stadium Club Co-Signers Auto

 photo ishimasan03tsccsauto_zpso7x3ma5y.jpg

Card of the Day: Randy Johnson/Mike Mussina 2000 Topps Stadium Club Co-Signers Auto

 photo musjohnauto_zps6f942637.jpg

Card of the Day: Arthur Shorin/Michael Eisner 2008 Topps Co-Signers Dual Auto

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Card of the Day: Derek Jeter / Chipper Jones 1999 Topps Stadium Club Co-Signers Auto


Card of the Day: Tim Couch / Dan Marino 1999 Topps Stadium Club Co-Signers Dual Auto


Won’t Fit

I must be doing something wrong.  I can’t figure out how to get my brand new 2008-2009 Topps Co-Signers Face the Facts insert card to work.  According to the directions, they are suppose to be interchangeable with others cards.  These fall around 1 per pack, and allow you to make your own basketball cards.  Apparently they are only compatible with other Topps Co-Signers cards.  I guess it was a big mistake cutting that Jordan rookie in half 😦


I didn’t actually cut a Jordan rookie in two.  It was done with Photoshop.