Flashback Product of the Week: 1992 Courtside College Flashback Set

 photo wooden92courtside_zpsrxdazmoi.jpg

This was the first year I filled out a bracket.  BCW Supplies and Sports Card Album are giving away some great prizes for those top people with the most points at the end.  I picked UK to go all the way, but I highly doubt I’ll be winning anything.

Courtside was one of those here today and gone tomorrow manufacturers.  As far as basketball goes, they only made two products between 1991 and 1992.  Courtside did issue some football sets, but they for the most part are very forgettable.  It never made sense for a company named Courtside to be making football cards anyway.  Football sure isn’t played on a court.  I guess not too much thought went into that when they were naming the company.  At this point in the hobby, companies were just going for the cash.  Collectors were buying everything, thinking that it was going to be worth a fortune down the road.

1992 Courtside College Flashback was issued in factory set form.  There are 45 cards to the main set.  Randomly inserted were autographs.  I believe the 1992 set has a stronger demand because the autograph checklist is much better than the previous year.  The 1992 set contains autographs of John Wooden, Dean Smith, Al McGuire, Jim Valvano, George Mikan, and Calvin Murphy.  There are a lot more, but those are some of the bigger cards to pull.

Complete factory sealed sets can easily be found for under $15.00.  They only made 199,000 sets.  I guess in 1992 that was a big deal.  It was 1,000 more than the 1991 set.  Both the 1991 and 1992 sets are similarly designed.  The on-card autographs came out really nice and still hold some weight today.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: Penn State vs. Boston College 2014 New Era Pinstripe Bowl Pin

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Penn State wasn’t even expecting to be eligible for a bowl game last year.  But with the lifting of the sanctions and their 6-6 record they became eligible for the 2014 New Era Pinstripe Bowl which took place in Yankee Stadium.  They were able to sneak out a 31-30 win over Boston College.  Placekicker Sam Ficken made the extra point that put Penn State over the top to win.  Ficken was using Derek Jeter’s old locker that day.  I guess using Jeter’s locker brought him some luck.

Pins from this game haven’t shown up all that much.  Apparently most of them sold out at the game.  They’ve been selling for $15.00 to 50.00.  I got mine for $15.00.

Back-To-Back Bobblehead Nights Round Out Busy August

Well… my busy August has officially come to an end.  It all started exactly one month ago today while heading to Cleveland for the 2014 National.  Then it was on to Little League and ending this week with back-to-back bobblehead nights in State College and Williamsport.

Thursday night the State College Spikes gave out bobbleheads of Penn State’s new head coach James Franklin.  These were given to the first 1,000 fans through the gate.  I got there two hours before the gates opened.  So early I didn’t even have to pay for parking.  I wasn’t the first one in line though.  Two guys had been there since 10:30 a.m.  The gates opened at 6:00 p.m.  The Spikes won 1-0 over the Williamsport Crosscutters.

 photo IMG_2267_zpsf1a4a7c6.jpg

 photo IMG_2260_zps24b7b009.jpg

On Friday night the Williamsport Crosscutters gave out bobbleheads of Andrew McCutchen to the first 1,000 fans.  McCutchen played for the Crosscutters when they were affiliated with the Pirates.  The Crosscutters lost 7-1 against the Jammers.

 photo IMG_2276_zps7b86b0d1.jpg

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 photo IMG_2271_zps83bc3a27.jpg

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Card of the Day: 2014 Upper Deck College Tribute Penn State White Out Patch

 photo pswhiteout_zps8f5ca3d4.jpg

Lil’ Teammates Collectible Team Sets = Great Holiday Gift Item


The Party Animal, Inc. enjoyed working with Sports Card Info so much on getting the word out on their new TeenyMates line of toys, they decided to come back around for another go.  This time we’re dealing with a new holiday gift item – Lil’ Teammates Collectible Team Sets.  The Collectible Team Sets include all three positions for the NFL figures: quarterback, running back, and lineman.

They are currently being offered for 22 different NFL teams:

  • Chicago Bears
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Denver Broncos
  • Cleveland Browns
  • San Diego Chargers
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • New York Giants
  • New York Jets
  • Detroit Lions
  • Green Bay Packers
  • New England Patriots
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Washington Redskins
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Minnesota Vikings

The Collectible Team Sets are for the standard sized 3″ vinyl figures and come in a nicely decorated display box.  These along with College, MLB, and NHL team sets are available exclusively at Kohl’s.  The MSRP on a set is $24.99, which is a deal considering what you would spend if you purchased each figure individually.

Starting this weekend Sports Card Info will be holding the first of two contests.  The winners will be able to select which NFL Collectible Team Set they would like.

On a side note.  Have you seen what the three rare TeenyMates figures have been selling for on the secondary market?  Take a look!

I don’t think it will be a long until we seem them make rare figures for their 3″ line.  Especially after seeing prices like this.

State College Spikes vs. Brooklyn Cyclones – 7/14/12



Last night I watched the State College Spikes (Pirates) take on the Brooklyn Cyclones (Mets).  The Spikes lost 6-3.  It was a pitching dual until the 6th inning when Brooklyn scored first.  The Pirates pitching prospect, Clay Holmes, pitched 5 scoreless innings.


19 year old Pirates pitching prospect Clay Holmes.  Holmes has cards found in 2011 Donruss Elite and 2012 Bowman Chrome.  His Superfractor recently sold for $200.00.


Samuel Gonzalez at the plate.


Allen Craig/Jason Motte dual bobblehead night.  These were given out to the first 1,000 fans.


It was also Star Wars night.

Card of the Day: Brian Bosworth 2011 Upper Deck College Legends Auto


State College Spikes vs. Jamestown Jammers – 8/6/11

Despite it raining most of the day Saturday, the State College Spikes (Pirates) were able to take on the Jamestown Jammers (Marlins).  The Spikes lost 3-1.  I picked-up a few team sets, photos, and a really good hamburger.  Medlar Field is right next to Beaver Stadium and has a terrific scenic view.  The only thing that bugs me about this stadium are the bees.  I notice that they have a lot more than other places.


Carlos Mesa


Jamestown Jammers


Ike The Spike

College Baseball Comes To Lil’ Teammates

Baseball season is almost here, and Lil’ Teammates would like to introduce their first line of college figures.  Right now the only baseball college teams available are Clemson and LSU.  More will be added soon!