2021 Topps Chrome Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire Edition Coming Tomorrow For 582 Montgomery Club Members

Members of the Topps 582 Montgomery Club will get early access to 2021 Topps Chrome Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire Edition tomorrow 9/20.

Artwork will be from the Original Series 3 & 4. 2020 boxes originally sold for $50. They now sell for $1k on the secondary market. I predict the 2021 product will be priced much higher out of the gate. Topps probably printed more as well.

2021 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball Coming 5/12/22 To Montgomery Club Members

The next pre-sale for Topps 582 Montgomery Club members is 2021 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball.

I Told You It Was Coming

Sports Card Info is the Magic 8-Ball of the card industry.  On May 18th I wrote a piece called Is 2020 Bowman Sapphire Edition Baseball On The Way? after some Lency Delgado 2020 Bowman Chrome Atomic Orange Refractor Autographs popped-up on Instagram.  Well… it looks like my prediction has come true.

Available next week as an online-exclusive, 2020 Bowman Sapphire Edition Baseball will contain (1) prospect autograph per box.  Expect them to go fast.  I can already hear people complaining that they weren’t able to get a box, the secondary market prices are too expensive, only certain people were able to buy them, etc…  GET OVER IT!

Monty Sheldon & Piece of the Game’s Baseball Authenticated Masterpieces Are Coming This Spring

All good things are worth waiting for.  Originally scheduled to be released last November, Piece of the Game and Monty Sheldon’s Baseball Authenticated Masterpieces is now planned to go live near the end of March.

This is truly a unique product.  Only (15) cases will be produced.  Housed inside each case are (10) game-used, autographed, and hand-painted baseballs.  Monty Sheldon is the artistic genius behind all of the original artwork.  He’s been using baseballs as a medium for over twenty years.  You probably recognize his name from the various projects he’s worked on for Topps.  Some of his baseballs were even included in 2017 Topps Transcandent.

They went all out on the packaging too.  Every baseball comes packaged in an LED lit maple or ash wooden box.  Very high-end stuff.

(150) baseballs make up the entire set.  When it comes to the main player set, each player will have (6) baseballs – (3) portrait shots and (3) action shots.  There are also rookie balls, and dual signed hand-painted balls as well.

Somewhere within the (15) cases there will be a Babe Ruth authentic autographed, and hand-painted baseball.  We have yet to see this one, but I bet it will be really cool looking.

Wondering about documentation?  They’ve got you covered.  Each baseball comes with a hologram and serial number which will allow you to look-up in their database to see that specific baseball’s identity.  MLB Debut Balls, Triples, Doubles, Singles, RBI’s, Fouls, Pitch In Dirt, Record Breaking Hits, Playoff Hits, and Defense Play baseballs are all in here.

Cases have been allocated to Steel City Collectibles, Blowout Cards, Layton Sports Cards, GTS Distribution, and Ripping Wax.  A single case will run about $36,000.  Group break spots have been selling for about $3,600.  I’m really interested to see how these perform on the secondary market.

Updated Sales Sheet – Page 1, Page 2.

Autographed Beckett Cover Cards Coming To The 2015 National

 photo 15nsccbeckcoverauto1_zps8g0og15s.jpg

The Beckett Cover Cards Scavenger Hunt is a popular activity to take part in for those lucky collectors attending the National Sports Collectors Convention.  I’m happy to say that it will be returning for 2015.

This year there will be (15) cards to find.  These cards can be found throughout the show from various dealers and case breakers.  In order to obtain these cards you most likely have to buy something from one of the dealers.  That is how it has worked in the past.  The picture below shows all (15) Beckett Cover Cards and where you can find them.  Just click to enlarge.  As you can see, Cubs rookie phenom Kris Bryant is featured on five of them.  All cards will be serial numbered as they have been in the past.  Golfer Jordan Spieth will have a cameo appearance on one of the cards.  Jordan Spieth really doesn’t have any cards yet, except for the one that came from Sports Illustrated for Kids.

For those collectors that obtain all (15) Beckett Cover Cards, you have a nice surprise coming your way.  When you stop by the Beckett booth and prove that you have all (15) cards, you’ll be given a blind package containing a special autographed card.  This is totally new for 2015.  These signed Beckett Cover Cards include Emmitt Smith, Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, Cal Ripken Jr., Pete Rose, Stan Musial, Mike Modano, Jose Canseco, Dennis Rodman, and Mike Tyson.  Autographed cards will begin to be given out on Thursday, July 30th.  Only (50) autographed cards will be given out each day.

 photo 15nsccbeckcovers1_zpstptyihof.jpg

2014 NFL Player of the Day Contest Coming Soon!

 photo nflpod_logo_2014_hi-res1_zps14ea3920.jpg

I’m happy to announce that Sports Card Info has been asked by Panini America and the NFLPA to participate in the 2014 NFL Player of the Day promotion.  This marks the second year in a row for Sports Card Info to be involved.  In short, this means Sports Card Info gets to give away a ton of stuff.  Just check out the goodies I got to give away last year.  It was the longest running and most entered contest in Sports Card Info’s history.  Sports Card Info even won a runner-up prize for holding one of the better contests.

I’m expecting a prize pack to arrive soon jammed with all sorts of stuff.  Be on the lookout for this contest.  This is one you won’t want to miss.  It’s easily the biggest one of the year.

 photo panini-america-2014-nfl-pod-manziel-cracked-ice_zps8e090e91.jpg

Black Friday Packs Are Coming!

Black Friday is coming, and so are Panini’s official Black Friday packs that got so much attention last year.  Super Bowl relics, Cracked Ice parallels, inserts, base cards, and more highlight what’s inside these packs.  Panini is an expert when it comes to promos and giving stuff away.

For many more pictures, check out these posts over on The Knight’s Lance:



Sketch Card Autos Coming To Best Of Football

Leaf’s “Best Of” series have been very popular with collectors.  It gives you a second chance at pulling some high-end “hits”.  During the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention that’s all I saw collectors opening at the Leaf booth.  After their success with Best Of Baseball and Best Of Basketball, it only seems right for them to make Best Of Football.  2012 Best Of Football will include (1) slabbed/graded card and (1) original Leaf autographed card.  If you’re lucky, you might pull one of these autographed original one-of-one sketch cards.  From what Leaf has shown so far, I think they look good.  Not only will these sketches be signed by the artist, but the player too.  Redemptions for sealed vintage packs will also be randomly thrown in.



We haven’t seen a whole lot of sketch cards signed by athletes.  Gypsy Queen introduced us to the first relic sketches.

Interchangeable Shadow Box Cards Coming To 2012 SPx Football


Upper Deck introduced the Shadow Box insert to collectors back in 2009.  Collectors gladly welcomed them into the hobby and consider them to be some of the nicest looking insert cards to date.  In most cases they are case hits and quite difficult to pull.  The autographed Shadow Box cards are even harder to find.  The Shadow Box card is a perfect example of the type of innovation Upper Deck can bring to the table.  Cards like this beat out any card that might contain built in video or anything along that line.  The other week I got my first look at a Shadow Box card in person.  I’ve seen them online before.  It was of Tim Tebow and it looked really cool.

This June, Upper Deck will release 2012 SPx Football.  Collectors can look forward to finding more Shadow Box cards, except this time they will be a little different.  Upper Deck is introducing interchangeable acetate slots (that sounds scientific) so you can create your own Shadow Box cards. There will be all kinds of different rarity levels and autographs.  I think its a decent upgrade.  At least they didn’t try to include video in them.

When something becomes popular in today’s hobby, its usually overproduced to the max.  One day jersey cards are found (1) per case and the next you start finding them in every pack.  That’s just how things go.  With the popularity of the Shadow Box card, I’m surprised a product hasn’t been released where you find one per box or one per pack.  Upper Deck has kept the production of Shadow Box cards low from product to product helping them to retain their value.  Creating a non-autograph/relic insert and having it become popular is something almost unheard of today.

As for the rest of 2012 SPx Football, you will find (4) autographs or memorabilia cards on average inside each box.




New Minifigures Coming From OYO Sports Toys


OYO Sports Toys released this image today showing off some of their new minifigures that will soon be available.  I see Pujols, Ruiz, Reyes, Bautista, and Tulowitzki.  These little guys are so cool looking.  Remember, they are all compatible with LEGOS.