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Looking For A Good Laugh? Check Out Coach’s Corner

Its been over a year since I wrote about Coach’s Corner auctions, but I think its my duty as a blogger to keep reminding people of all the fake crap that floods our beloved hobby.  I was just watching a video of a product being opened, and to the right I saw an ad for Coach’s Corner.  This auction site is filled with one counterfeit item after another.  I seriously don’t see how they are allowed to stay in business.  I would say that 99.9% of all the COA’s that come with their signatures are totally bogus.  Its a great place for people to pickup fake junk to take to a show and pass off as the real thing.  I just don’t understand why people don’t question things like this.  Instead they move along like mindless little robots believing whatever they’re told.

When Babe Ruth autographed baseballs are only selling for $500.00, its a major red flag.  This place just makes me so mad!!!  Someone please shut them down!!!


This is total garbage!

Biggest Joke In The Hobby: Coach’s Corner

If you ever need a good laugh, I suggest heading over to Coach’s Corner.  This auction site is nothing but a breeding ground for scammers and counterfeiters.  I know for a fact I’m not the first person to discuss them, but I thought I would still share my thoughts on it.

Coach’s Corner always seems to have extremely high-end memorabilia up for sale.  Rarely do any of their items come with a COA from a “worthy” third-party authenticator.  Usually their autographs come certified by Chris Morales or STAT Authentic.  I think COAs from Big Bird or Batman hold more credibility than Morales or STAT Authentic 🙂  Items like a Ty Cobb or Honus Wagner autographed baseball are worth many thousands of dollars if they are determined to be authentic, but when something like that shows up on the Coach’s Corner it usually only goes for a few hundred dollars.  Do all these people get really good deals?  No, because many people know the autographs are counterfeit.  Many people that bid on this stuff clearly know its fake but think they can flip it somewhere else to make a profit.

The funniest part about Coach’s Corner is reading the item descriptions.  Here is what they say about this Terry Bradshaw 1971 Topps RC graded a Pristine 10:

This ROOKIE card #156 of the Steeler Great & Hall of Famer, Terry Bradshaw comes Slabbed and Graded a Perfect “PRISTINE 10”. The PSA Online book value of this beauty is near $25,000, and a great card for the collector who wants ONLY the BEST.


GEM Elite gives every card that comes through their front door a 10, and its crazy to compare this type of 10 to a PSA 10.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this card was trimmed.

There have been many discussions/videos posted about Coach’s Corner and the soon to be out of business Sports Collectors Digest.  It seems as if the two are “in bed” together because Coach’s Corner advertises in SCD.  Coach’s Corner is one of the biggest jokes in the hobby and should only be visited if you need a laugh.