My Crack At A Custom Card

Love’em or hate’em, custom cards are a big part of The Hobby and there seems to be quite a little market for them.  The other day I came across this seller who seems to be selling a ton of homemade college cards for basketball and football players/coaches.  Custom cards are great as long as the seller informs the potential bidders that the card is homemade.  I don’t like to see when scammers try to pass off a card they made as something made by a major manufacturer.  After see the success that eBay seller has had, I decided to try and make my own custom card.  I browsed through a bunch of photos I had taken and found a picture of the Joe Paterno statue that stands right outside of Beaver Stadium.  Since Paterno has very few cards, I decided to use that image for my own card.  I printed it on thick photo card stock and it would be great to use for an autograph if I ever met Paterno.


I even put the Sports Card Info blue square up in the corner.