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Upper Deck Shows Off Gritty’s Rookie Card

The Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty has been making his rounds lately.  From The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to appearing with the Phillie Phanatic at Citizens Bank Park, he has been all over the place.  He’s already a pop culture legend that will bring endless amounts of entertainment to fans for years to come.  Gritty is awesome!!!

Last night Upper Deck surprised collectors with a preview of 2018-19 Upper Deck NHL Series One.  The preview contained an image of Gritty’s Young Guns rookie card.  On the back is Gritty’s complete origin.  Apparently he has been living under the Wells Fargo Center for years, and sneaking hot dogs.  Recent construction disturbed his hideout.

If you’re hoping to pull a Gritty rookie from a pack of 2018-19 Upper Deck NHL Series One, that doesn’t look like its going to happen.  This particular card will be given away as a promo.  How it will be given away is still a mystery.  Please follow the Upper Deck Blog and Upper Deck on Twitter for those upcoming details.  2018-19 Upper Deck NHL Series One will be released in November.

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