Beckett Can’t Tell The Difference Between Harry Houdini and Martin Luther King Jr.

A recently deleted Facebook post from Beckett has collectors scratching their heads.

Within this ad for their autograph authentication service (posted on 12/24/22) Beckett is supposedly showing off a slabbed autograph of Harry Houdini.

Unfortunately the item inside the slab is an American Express receipt that looks to be signed by civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.

The label on the slab states “Cut Signature” “Harry Houdini” “Authentic Autograph”.

When looking up it’s serial number 9623169, Beckett’s website has it listed as a Harry Houdini Cut Signature authenticated on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

Is this incorrectly labeled item still floating around? Possibly. Did the individual who submitted it for authentication have Beckett fix it? Maybe. Will we ever know the truth? Most likely not.

The line on Beckett’s now deleted post read “Have you ever seen a Harry Houdini autograph? Neither have we, until now.” What did they mean “Neither have we, until now.”? They apparently thought they saw one six years ago.

Q & A – Topps Traded vs. Topps Traded Tiffany

Question: How do you tell the difference between regular Topps Traded and Topps Traded Tiffany.  It is pretty important in terms of determining pricing for rookie cards in those years.

Answer: That is an excellent question.  This is pretty hard to determine if you plan to purchase one over the internet.  If you are trying to determine a Topps Traded card from a Topps Traded Tiffany card in person, you will want to take a close look at it.  A Topps Traded Tiffany card will have a shiny, gloss-like finish to it.  A standard Topps Traded card won’t have such a shiny coating on it.  Topps Traded Tiffany cards usually use a thicker card stock as well.  Topps Traded Tiffany cards were printed on white card stock versus grey card stock.  Depending on the set, some Tiffany cards will have a logo on the front of the card as well.  The regular Topps Traded cards are thinner and aren’t as sturdy when compared to a Topps Traded Tiffany card.  Topps Traded Tiffany cards can be worth quite a bit of money depending who the card is of.  Most of the time a regular Topps Traded and Topps Traded Tiffany card look exactly the same.  I would be careful if purchasing one over the internet.  Sellers could tell you that a card is Tiffany when indeed its not.  I would only purchase one that is graded and/or certified if you plan to buy one over the internet.  Thanks for the question.  

Regular Topps Traded

Topps Traded Tiffany