Flashback Product of the Week: 1995 Topps Dimension III

 photo 95toppsdimension3_zps0b4bc48d.jpg

Why this product was created is beyond me.  Dimension III is a 59-card base set that was built around the classic lenticular 3D technology made famous by previous products such as Sportflics.  There are no rookies and the randomly inserted Zone cards are the only insert.  Topps acted as if Dimension III was the first time cards had been printed using this specific technique.  In reality, lenticular cards had been around long before 1995.  It would be like Topps making a product today where the main selling point is that plain colored jerseys are in every box.  Do you get where I’m going here?  Its something that had been done many times before.

Cost was another problem.  Packs at the time cost $5.00, which for what you received wasn’t worth it.  Pinnacle released a similar product in 1995 called UC3.  UC3 had a 147-card base set, more inserts, and only cost $2.00 per pack.  Dimension III ultimately flopped and so did UC3.  Even though it says Series 1 on the packs, Topps never made a Series 2.  Topps was planning to make a second series and a Dimension III football set, but they were canceled.  One Dimension III football card does exist.  Its of Glyn Milburn from the Detroit Lions and was made as a promo along with Greg Gagne and Tim Bogar.  Today, boxes can be easily found for under $20.00.

I’ve never considered lenticular cards to truly be 3D.  To me they seem more of a motion card than anything else.  Now the 3D cards found in 2012-2013 ITG Heroes & Prospects are worth talking about.  They really do look 3D.