Flashback Product of the Week: Red Grange 1928 Sterling Doll Company

 photo redgrangedoll_zpscyycuhuk.jpeg

I don’t know about you.  But if I saw one of these waiting for me underneath the Christmas tree, I’d probably freak out and try to kill it with fire.

Some call it cute.  Others call it creepy.  One thing is for certain, and that its collectible.  During the 1920s, fans saw the rise of two very big sports figures – Babe Ruth and Red Grange.  The Sterling Doll Company decided to capitalize on this by making dolls that sorta carry both Ruth’s and Grange’s likeness.  Neither doll officially looks like Ruth or Grange.  Other than the Babe Ruth doll dressed as a baseball player, and the Red Grange doll dressed as a football player, the two look identical.  Both have the same face with eyes looking off to the right.  What the hell is it looking at?

The first time I saw one of these was at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  They have one on display.  You’ll find Red Grange wearing either a red or blue jersey.  The red ones seem to be the most common.  Prices can be all over the place.  It all depends on the condition, and how complete they are.  Examples that are in pristine condition probably could fetch over a thousand dollars.  When they do popup for sale, most are in heavily used condition.  The average price seems to be $200-$300.

There is no way I’d add one of these to my collection.  I’m not taking the chance of it coming to life at night and attacking me.