Card of the Day: Aaron Donald 2014 Topps Chrome Xfractor #175

Card of the Day: Donald Trump 2012 Leaf Pop Century Signatures

Card of the Day: Donald Trump 2020 Leaf Metal Political Edition Red Crystal #3

Card of the Day: 2016 Topps Now – Donald Trump Wins The 2016 Presidential Election #13

Q&A – Does Donald Trump Have A Rookie Card?

Question: Hi!  I’m looking for a gag gift for my friend.  Could you tell me if Donald Trump has a rookie card?  Thanks.

Answer: Love him or hate him.  Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States.  One thing is for certain.  His presidency will be studied, investigated, and talked about long after he’s out of the White House.  Will that talk be good or bad?  That’s totally up to you and your political views.

Yes.  Donald Trump does have a rookie card.  During the late 80s and early 90s, Eclipse Comics issued a handful of non-fiction, non-sports related card sets.  These sets cover all kinds of subjects like the Savings and Loan crisis, Iran-Contra scandal, AIDS, and the Kennedy Assassination.

In 1989, Eclipse Comics released a set titled Rotten to the Core.  This 36-card set covers the best and worst of New York City’s politics.  Card #26 is of Donald Trump.  Its widely accepted as his rookie card.  The card’s back goes into lots of details about his dealings at the time.  Quite the entertaining read.

Raw copies sell for $20.  Gem Mint 10s have reached $100.

Card of the Day: Donald Trump Leaf Decision 2016 Super Flag Patch

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Card of the Day: Donald J. Trump Decision 2016 Hawaii Industry Summit #P1

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Card of the Day: Donald Trump 2011 Leaf Pop Century Signatures

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“Pin-Up” of the Week: Donald Duck Limited Edition Philadelphia Phillies Pin


Why doesn’t Donald Duck wear pants?  He wears  a shirt and hat, so he knows what clothing is.  It freaks me out 🙂  He does it and people think its cute.  If I did that it would classify as some kind of felony.  The pin pictured above comes from a limited edition Disney pin set which was sold exclusively at Citizens Bank Park.  They can sell anywhere from $15.00 to $20.00 each.

Card of the Day: 2004 Garbage Pail Kids – Donald Dump