Card of the Day: Clint Eastwood 1962 Dutch Gum Series N #219

Happy Fasnacht Day!

Today throughout many parts of the world its Fasnacht Day.  For those people that aren’t familiar with what a Fasnacht is, its basically a fatty doughnut.  People are suppose to use all the fat in their kitchen before the start of Lent.  Its a big tradition in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Switzerland, and Germany.

I know, I know.  What the hell does Fasnacht Day have to do with sports cards?  This is why cards are so cool.  They are part of almost every American tradition.  In 1937, Doughnut Company of America produced a set called Thrilling Moments in the Lives of Famous Americans.  There are only 7 athletes in the set.  The rest of the set features non-sport figures.  These cards needed to be cut off the side of the box if you wanted to add them to your collection.  They can also be found in four different colored backgrounds: blue, green, orange, and yellow.  A large portion of these cards were thrown away because you had to take the time to cut them out.  Depending on the condition, they get be very expensive and sell for into the thousands.  Usually you never want to purchase a card that has been trimmed by the collector, but in this case you don’t have much of a choice.  This is a set your rarely hear about because the cards are so scarce.

Go have a doughnut everyone!


Red Grange

Card of the Day: Earl “Dutch” Clark ’06 Leaf Limited Helmet Relic

As a collector of old relics, this is one I’d like to ad to my collection soon.  Earl “Dutch” Clark was a star quarterback for the Lions and is a member of both the College and Pro Football HOF.  Just like Red Grange, you won’t find any jersey relics of Clark, only leather helmet pieces.  On a side note, I’m really glad Panini took Leaf Limited back to a one pack, high thrill product this year.  Last year’s Leaf Limited just reminded me of another version of Certified Materials.


Card of the Day: Earl “Dutch” Clark 1935 National Chicle #1