Card of the Day: Jim Thome 2017 Topps Dynasty Auto Patch #’ed/10

Card of the Day: John Elway 2015 Topps Dynasty Auto Patch Parallel #’ed/5

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Preview: 2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball

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One of the best looking new products that Topps released last year was 2014 Topps Dynasty.  It is simple and straight to the point.  It also costs hundreds of dollars for a single box too.  Products that are setup like this aren’t for the amateur collector.

Within each box of 2015 Topps Dynasty, you’ll only find (1) card.  That card will be numbered to (10) or less.  It will be a patch autograph, dual relic autograph, or a cut signature.  What you’re getting as your “hit” here would basically be considered a case “hit” in other products.

Last year’s Dynasty was very well designed.  For the most part, the cards had black backgrounds which were then signed in paint pen.  This year they decided to go with white card stock which I think looks even better.  Those multi-colored patches are really going to pop with the white backgrounds.  Other than the new color scheme and the inclusion of Kris Bryant, I hope Topps has some surprises to throw in.  If not, I have a feeling it will just be a repeat of last year’s set.  Topps plans to bring Dynasty to football fans soon.

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Card of the Day: Mariano Rivera 2014 Topps Dynasty Patch Auto

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Card of the Day: Babe Ruth 2014 Topps Dynasty Cut Signature 1/1

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As good as these cards look, Topps better have something up their sleeve if they want collectors to spend $1,000 for five mini-boxes.  Low-numbered autographs and relics just won’t cut it.