Card of the Day: Luke Easter 1953 Topps #2

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Card of the Day: 1988 Garbage Pail Kids Easter Bonnie #565a

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Card of the Day: The Easter Bunny 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini


Card of the Day: 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Easter Bunny Relic


1916 Tango Eggs: The Official Easter Set

There aren’t too many sets that come to mind when you think of the upcoming Easter holiday.  Easter has long been associated with candy, much like the early sports cards.  Other than candy, whats the next thing that jumps into your head when you hear the word “Easter”?  Some may say rabbits, but I’m going to go with eggs in my case.  In 1916 the L. Frank Company issued a 20-card set as a promotion to sell more eggs.  These cards are highly sought after by vintage collectors because of how scarce they are.  Only a few hundred cards have been found.  Its an extremely scarce set, but some cards are more common to find than others.  The cards you do find usually are way off center, except for a few.

Maybe if your lucky, this Sunday while your hunting for those bright colored eggs in the green grass you’ll come across one filled with a Tango Egg or any other T206 sized card.  I think thats a lot better than a couple pieces of chocolate 🙂


Card of the Day: Luke Easter 1952 Bowman #95