Card of the Day: Santa Claus 1993 Collector’s Edge #1


Product Highlight: 1995 Collector’s Edge Ball Park Franks

I love hot dogs.  They’re one of my favorite foods.  Mustard, ketchup, cheese, hot peppers, and salsa make great toppings.  There is nothing better than sitting at a ballgame or attending a nice card show while shoving a hot dog in your face.

Collector’s Edge may have died out years ago, but they were all over the place in the 90’s.  Today their old football sets receive more attention than anything.  This is due to them issuing numerous rookie cards of both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  Basketball, baseball, and hockey would come next.

You don’t see it done as much today, but cards attached to food products at one time was a common thing.  Food premiums are an entire collecting niche.  In 1995, Collector’s Edge struck a deal with Ball Park Franks.  For (8) UPC codes, (4) UPC codes + $2.50, or (2) UPC codes + $5.00, you would receive exclusive autographed cards of Yogi Berra and Frank Robinson.  Both came with accompanying cards stating the authenticity of the signatures.  This promotion ended on May 31, 1995 or until they ran out.

If you’re in the market for a Frank Robinson or Yogi Berra autograph but don’t want to spend a lot of money, these might be for you.  They’re dirt cheap.  Lots were made.  You can easily pick them up for $10-$15 each.  The Yogi Berra tends to carry more weight.

Card of the Day: Bobby Valentine 1974 Topps Deckle Edge #11

Card of the Day: Edgerrin James 1999 Collector’s Edge First Place Pro Signatures Authentic

 photo james99ceauto_zpsknhhmoyc.jpg

Card of the Day: Bill Pickel 1992 Collector’s Edge #124

 photo billpickel92ce_zpscrucabz9.jpg

Card of the Day: Akili Smith 1999 Collector’s Edge Odyssey Pro Signatures


LeatherBacks Lived Up To Their Name

Here is a card you don’t see very often.  This is a 2000 Collector’s Edge T3 LeatherBacks insert of Brett Favre.  These aren’t called LeatherBacks for nothing.  The entire backside of the card is covered with pigskin from an authentic game-used football.  LeatherBacks is a 20-card set and each card is limited to only 12 copies.  The backs of these cards look really cool compared to ones with just stats.