Card of the Day: Tim Lincecum ’07 TRISTAR Elegance Jersey


Flashback Product of the Week: ’07 TRISTAR Elegance

In 2007, TRISTAR released a product called Elegance.  This was one of the few attempts TRISTAR has made with a high-end minor league card product.  I’m betting it was one of the more expense products TRISTAR decided to make, which is probably why you didn’t see any more Elegance releases after 2007.  Each hobby box comes with only 4 packs.  Each pack contains 2 relics, 1 autograph, and 2 base cards.  Elegance sticks out to me because its one of the few TRISTAR MiLB products that contains multi-colored patches.  It contains some great looking cards of players such as Evan Longoria, Tim Lincecum, Justin Upton, and Joey Votto.  Today a hobby box will run you around $70.00, which isn’t that bad if your looking for a quick thrill while on a budget.  Since TRISTAR doesn’t have a license to use MiLB logos, I think they’ll have a hard time competing against Topps this year.  I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves to try and “WOW” collectors.